So funny The Professional Doctor…. Lol LaughPillsComedy


So funny The Professional Doctor…. Lol LaughPillsComedy



  1. I bought 3 sachets of water yesterday and I asked Oga chinedu for nylon, and he said he doesn’t give nylon for anything less than 100 naira, so I left, this morning I bought MTN 100 and I ask for nylon, up til now, he is looking at me as if I smoke weed and I’m still in his shop waiting for nylon. Should I go home?

  2. That thing that *NEPA* use to do if you shout when they bring light they will take it… It happened to one boy oo..

    *Admission list* came out.. He checked and saw his name.. After Rejoicing.. He checked again no see IM name again oo.. I hv even helped him to check with my phone

    Village people are wonderful oo🤔🤔🤔

  3. My uncle always pick a quarrel with me, he doesn’t know how evil i can be.
    I changed my name on my Instagram to “Your village people” then I followed him.
    His notification now reads. “Your village people is now following you on instagram”.
    Since morning, he has been drinking anointing oil….😄😄😀😀


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