Shocking Video: Nigerian Soldiers Invade IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s Home, Shoot O…


Shocking Video: Nigerian Soldiers Invade IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s Home, Shoot One Dead And Injure Many In Abia State



  1. Animalistic country that had the soldiers doing the works of police! How on earth will this be happening in a democratic dispensation. Police are usually mobilised in a country that operate with rule of law(They are to maintain peace and order) but here the reverse is the case; it’s quite a national shame that soldiers were deployed(caught on camera) with military hardwares inside ibeku axis harassing people and shooting sporadically, it’s really a shame and heinous! Buhari should simply tell us his mission of Islamic extremism and fundamentalism, igbos were giving a quit notice in the north but armoured vehicles were shipped into the South East, what an irony but lemme tell you, it shall not be well will the wicked.

  2. So painful that they didn’t get the main stupid Kanu, those of u shouting Biafra, this is how ur life will end up if Biafra isn’t allow to go…lemme go b4 they will come & insult there father not me

  3. Idiots that cannot kill a single Boko Haram insurgent which are less than 100 soldiers, they get joy to display their skills killing unarmed agitators.
    Shame of Burutai,
    Shame on Buhari,
    Shame on Nigeria!

  4. Hahaha is this what retaliation is all about??? Just one phone call from Nigerian army headquarters and that place will be more silent than a grave yard. & look at these people retailiating against Nigerian Army with cutlass, stones and sticks. Is it not suicidal?
    I thought IPOB have armed men..& where is the butterfly that calls himself a bird? nonsense!!!

  5. Failed nation that can’t fight boko haram and herdsmen hacking people to death. They have their strength only on unarmed civilians. When you are lead by the blind, there is no way you can see! It’s a shame!

  6. U may kill us, imprison us, torture us, talk against us, but the truth is that u can’t stop Biafra. Biafra has come to stay, it is bigger than than most people think it is. Let’s watch out and see, end shall tell. But be rest assured that when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

  7. Its hight time we stop all this if anything will happen to Nnamdi Kanu why should we wait until something happen to him before we will retaliate , I could recall that my brother once told me that no amount of peaceful protest can bring the ears of the world for the restoration of any black nation its only by violent and now i believe this , Each single life is precious weather the life of the president or the life of a hawker down the street , So if we have what it takes to defend our self from this havoc then the time is now , we should not wait until the kill Kanu before we take defence .

  8. If u support Nnamdi kanu and his silly movement pls leave the internet for us and go straight to anambra and wait for the second coming of the Nigeria army.
    Nigeria Army no get joy o,I only pity una mamas Dem ….

  9. Hahahhaha.
    That’s good news.

    We wish to hear more.
    Since hooligans don’t value their lives or want to be sensible.
    Na so e go dey be.

    You never plan your life, work on yourself or your relationship with God na Biafra dey your head.
    Let’s wait for more updates.

  10. Is mazi nnamdi wife and children part of dis hustle? .hell no. Wise up young ones… Biafra is coming soon.. Kip fighting but dnt die to see ur hustle fruition…may the creator give d family of the dead fortitude to bear the loss

  11. In as much as am not in support of this Biafra nonsense, the Nigerian army does not have any right to go on a shorting spree all in the name of wanting to arrest Nnamdi Kanu! There are civilised ways of doing things. If The Federal Government of Nigeria want to arrest Nnamdi Kanu they should go about it the proper way without endangering innocent lives… And besides why use the Army to Arrest a civilian what happened to the police?

  12. Nigeria youth should get something straight , we cant allow this so called nnamdi kanu and federal govt lead us to war and jeopardized our future ,I know will nigeria youth can speak for ourselves not them . GREAT NIGERIA ,NIGERIA CAN BE GREAT AGAIN WITHOUT WAR

  13. People who are educated will continue to take the advantage of the illiterate ones by misleading them into their early grave, just for them to achieved their selfish bid, nnamdi kanu and his family still enjoying themselves, but the innocent ones, who can not even have stake in this fruitless mission are dying.

  14. With your initial mode of explanation I felt bad with the way the Army Men invaded ur community and started shooting, just as u claimed. After saying that if “anything should happen to Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria will be burn down to night” ur threat shows how Stupid and myopic you are In terms of reasoning . What is so special about ur so call Nnamdi Kanu? Does his life more Special than the three Men you said the Nigeria Army shot? This is how he will keep on fooling u people to be loosing ur life’s like Christmas Chicken , for him to Archive his selfish Desire. Igbo Youth, are ur life’s not important to you?

  15. It’s a crime for someone to be daft and fool in this modern days. Why is that your political and traditional leaders are not in support of Nnamdi Kanu. Non of your political leaders,National Assembly members and traditional leaders members kids or family are in protest to support IPOB including Ojukwu sons. Be smart and don’t be use politically.

  16. People are so stupid, you attack military envoy on national duties with stones and sticks and you expect them not to fight back? You guy should be lucky that they only shot one, these are not police but army, trained to take every little aggression as act of war. If I lead that assignment trust me we will shot more than one!

  17. This is why I always pray for god to protect Boko Haram so that they can continue to humble the Nigeria soldiers. In other to for them to understand their work is not to flex and harass unarmed citizens. god bless Boko haram; long live Abubakar shekau.

  18. 😂😂😂😂
    Biafra or death abi 🤣🤣🤣
    Biko who’s next in line
    All these young youths following this man Go & look for something better to do with your life…. Nigeria 🇳🇬 is not on your head 😕
    Why risk your life for stupid things
    Even Nnamdi Kanu is not even there to protect you 😂😂
    Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. It will be very stupid for any youth to die for kanu.if you die for kanu. You die a useless death. You r more important to your family and to yourself. Kanu is living his dream . You youths have your own life’s to live. And the government should be cautious in handling this matter. Ipob is not a terrorist group , neither are they armed in any way. Don’t push them into arms struggle

  20. As much as I do criticize and condemn Nnamdi Kanu’s approach, manner and lack of civility about this whole thing I will also criticize the Nigerian military for doing what they did. It is unconstitutional and illegal to enter into Kanu’s apartment that is invention of privacy and an infringement on his fundamental; God-given, democratic human rights. The Federal Government of Nigeria should and must respect Kanu’s privacy and human rights because that is constitutional, sacrosanct and it also paramountcy. And shooting unarmed civilians is utterly wrong and unconstitutional as well.


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