She is such a Talented Rapper…


She is such a Talented Rapper…



  1. 😂😂😂😂my grand 98 year old grand pa once told me mary “this last vain of mine is left for urine only”what vain was he talking about felt awkward asking some one help me with some explanations#men only thank u

  2. Nothing to say, but let me just rush and comment since I arrived early today before the team lazy Nigerian youths will flood this place with their own comments.

  3. Eyaa, we don hear, so wetin you want make we do now? Who boy offend you? Tell me and let me deal with him. Nice voice. This type of voice won’t let us know the extent you’re angry cos it’s so romantic.

  4. She ma type ….. @pidi she rapped if you can classify different music genres you’ll definitely know she did .. Lur your style Gurl.. do tha Match up thing .


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