Shatta Wale Release Video Warns All Nigerian Artistes Wizkid, Patoranking Timaya…


Shatta Wale Release Video Warns All Nigerian Artistes Wizkid, Patoranking Timaya etc To Stay Out Of Ghana Because He Has A Gun



  1. On that day.. If he try any nonsense.. even ghanains will help put hand in beating THE IDIOT.. For talking trash against the starboy☆.. sarkodie and stoneboy are the only people I know in Ghana..and you go even hide your ugly face with that toy gun when ninja boko show face with bomb

  2. Make una give dis mosquitor otapipia,

    him case nah moimoi,
    abeg make una 4get dis idiot story,

    give us better update, no be person wey malaria enter him brain una go carry disturb us here, !
    Tourch any 9ja artist, i bet u , d whole ghana go relocate to sahara desert !

  3. Gossip Mill Nigeria 🖕🏾 that’s a lie. You have no idea as to why he posted that video, which part of the video shows he was warning them, your level of understanding is low,then you try to create problems. Meanwhile you are those killing each other like animals 😏😏😏 we don’t want our country to be a bloody country like yours

  4. You see this shata wale I don’t blame you it’s your father I blame instead of him to release all the sperm inside your mother he released some and withdraw and pour your sense on the bed sheet now you grew up without sense

  5. Am Ghanaian but that’s a foolish act …
    This guy will be dead by now if he’s an American musician… he’s fooling cos nobody has the time to knock him off… to me he’s no gangster. He’s a studio gangster. A lot of these American and Jamaican musicians Claiming gangster have streetz background. .this guy has no streetz background
    Attacking Wizkid for no reason, the guy didn’t do you wrong and he’s not even replying you. But you still on it with gun .. that’s childish

  6. Abeg mek una send Speed Darlington to Ghana joor. He is the one to compete with this lunatic. Accra weed is working on him seriously. Small emmanuella of Markangel comedy is even more popular in Ghana than this thing.

  7. its ok with the insults. no one is going to harm anybody. 🇬🇭 and 🇳🇬will always be one family. stop de fight and lets think about how to get u a better president and 24/7 electricity, and also put an end to de Buko haram and the Biafran war, whatever affects u affects us in the long run…lets all stand tall and fight our corrupt leaders, thats where our concern should be

  8. I blame Dangote for planning to by Arsenal instead of buying Ghana since last year , by now shatta will be an upcoming artiste and not to be making noise in the air 😂😂😂😢😹

  9. Shatta wale did you just mention Patoranking name on that video bro don’t bite the hands that feed you. It seems you forget easily how partoranking assisted in doing hit track with you that elevate your career. This is one of the reason why stone bwoy is better than you in my opinion.

  10. Uncle shut up ya mouth
    Talking about guns…there’s notin u can do bc their personal body guards alone can sweep the whole of the hook

    Wizkid ignoring ur rants should mak u feel like a fool.but u remain adamant in it……

  11. Naija people abeg leave shatta Alone,he is only making noise and mocking himself..Its about him and the entertainment world not sent by any Ghanaian to fight on our behalf…Ignore him for he thrive on controversies and people should stop insulting Ghanaians,So many Nigerians are living here in Ghana and enjoying the environment,you cant spark fire under the mango tree you would one day feed on.

  12. Who know this guy ? He is Called Ace Mac.. remember he was in Fat Joe’s make it rain remix..he even rapped in the song
    When was the last time you heard of him in music ? Long time cos he has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing somebody.. he has a streetz background.. people like him, 50cent, 2pac, Young Buck and many American or Jamaican musicians can claim gangster and we will fear cos we know the dirt they can do … Shatta Wale can’t even kill a fly with a an inserticide spray.. he’s pussy and he ain’t shit … after all Nigerians are more stubborn than Ghanaians… am Ghanaian talkin boldly.. talking fact … firing a gun is childish

  13. This guy just want to spoil Ghanaians to the rest of Africa. Ghana people I know they are not this stupid and inconsequential. Nigeria is my country and I love Ghanaians I can’t hate them because of this fool.

  14. Our Bobrisky’s gateman
    Is far more better,, healthier and good looking more than this ugly thing called
    Shatta Wale…. 😆😆😆😆

  15. This is just a display of deep seated obsession borne out of self frustration and bitterness.

    Shatawale should channel his bitter life to another quarter because the silence of wizkid,timaya and patoranking is a clear indication that they are not aware of his existence.


  16. This guy want to cause problem between Nigerians and Ghanas. He’s forming a gangster and he’s not even one.. Lol I just pity you. Only my street in warri will bring down Ghana and he’s here ranting with toy.

    He nor even know Watin people dey Carry for here 💣 🎯 🔥

  17. I don’t support Shatta Wale, but will advice you to know how you talk to Ghanaians because of one stupid jonky. If wizkid can buy the whole Ghana then advice him to buy power plants for the whole of Nigeria so that you people could get 24hours electricity.

  18. Ghana have nothing to do with this issue, am a Nigerian but believe me Ghana is a cool and peaceful country with nice people so please don’t insult Ghana and it’s citizens because of a dispute between two irresponsible artists. God bless Nigeria God bless Ghana. We are one!

    Proudly 9ja.


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