See The Way They All Ran After Blood Came Out!!!! Girls Who Trekked To Europe To…


See The Way They All Ran After Blood Came Out!!!! Girls Who Trekked To Europe To Do Prostitution In Italy Engage In Dirty Fight At A Refugee Camp



  1. why are you guys talking like this when you see through there language that they are not even from Nigeria and I don’t know why some useless ones here are putting Edo people in this again, why what as Edo people done again or is it a crimes to traveled abroad Benin people is better then those others tribes back in the country who engaged themselves in killing there fellow human being for money rituals and 419 ,is a free world anyone who want travel go ahead and stop this nonsense ,who so ever measure Edo people here for bad god Almighty will punished them this new year will there sad year

  2. In some state in Nigeria their mama fail to Educate her children ,come to italy for see for your self….is a shame….lord please give us our biafra. This why whitemen look us down., you will see their men with cap begging for money….their girls ….

  3. This is why me and the unbwoggable Amerikano president, Trump call them s**tholes.

    Secondly, knowledge of self-defense is lacking in this victim.
    Imagine being beaten while lying down like a satisfied pig that fed on fresh sweet potatoes.
    The beaters even display strategic locations for counter attacks and she is just there enjoying the hair treat!

    Come to me whoever needs to learn self-defense skills. Especially ladies who wish to trek those countries.

  4. As them many reach them no fit separate common 2women like them from fight na to busy video them sabi and he no go pass man matter maybe; lol, nonsense blood don come out now na now them dey run maybe she die or she don die wetin dis bunches of idiots dey constitute here in Europe because they give them freedoms to leave life here

  5. #Gossip_mill_Nigeria!! If this case of fight was between two Nigeria girls you will see Gossip mill Nigeria will be
    Writing Edo state girls is fighting and killing there self in Europe
    Why una non fit Gossip put the name of the country those girls came from that is fighting
    #Gossip_mill_Nigeria una non fit Gossip at all
    Well just passing by!!!!

  6. The keke I entered yesterday wanted to overtake a trailer.
    The trailer blocked him, the next thing the keke man
    started warning the trailer driver
    “I WILL JAM YOU O!!!
    That was when I asked him to drop me without reaching
    my destination.
    You want to jam him with what..

  7. Some women are disgracing the effort of feminism, People will keep looking down on women if women keep stomping this low. It’s pathetic in 2018 some women still don’t have self respect

  8. Just take a look the life people are living in abroad you will see then posting on Facebook not knowing they are living in a HALL bed up and down mouth odour take over the hall because everybody are sleeping in one hall.were ever you are in your country be happy nothing like home .world is too short to suffer.

  9. Pleeeeees am not edo girl am not trying to defend anyone but this girls , are not Nigeria’s nor are they from edo state they are from French speaking part of Cameroon or from Ivory Coast let’s stop disgracing our self’s like this in social media we African’s please🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️

  10. Those girls fighting are not Nigerians but the girl doing the video is a Nigerian please why mentioned a tribe we should act maturely on social media watch and listen to the video very well.

  11. Well, It’s really sad each time I see some of our girls behaving fun in the street of Europe, they lack respect and discipline and having kids from multiple men. They are not representing our gorgeous mothers that we have back home.

  12. In Libya you were not mad enough to act like this, but in Europe you are always ready to tarnish the image of yourselves, your country and the image of good refugees as well. This shouldn’t be your purposes here in Europe considering the risks you guys have taken to be where u are today.

  13. This is what makes Zoogerians think they are hard? Animals in a Kingdom. Because of you Zoogerians every black man is been tagged as a bad person in Europe because of you motherfuckn Zoogerians. Fool

  14. Trekked to Europe to indulge in prostitution? For me, they were on a sojourn to seek for better living conditions because I do not see anyone there with a body and features to be paid for that act. The war you seeing is as a result of frustrations not finding the good life easy. African political leaders deserve to be stoned for destroying the continent.


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