In the morning, my Honda Aviator scooter takes too much time to kick start and once started then it will start easily the next time in two to three kicks.

The electric starter is not working due to a dead battery.

I consulted with a mechanic and he said that it could be because of the battery problem but I am not convinced that this is the reason.

A second possible reason could be an issue with the valves.

So can anybody tell me what the probable reason may be?

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Your Aviator has an ignition coil, rather than a magneto, to generate the spark. That means that it relies on the battery to have enough charge to generate the spark, so likely the ignition is only producing sparks once you’ve cranked the engine over enough to put a little charge into the battery.

Engines with magnetos that generate the spark directly from the rotation of the crank – there’s a magnet in the magneto rotor that excites the ignition coil separately from the generator coils that power the charging and lights – can start even if the battery is completely flat, but yours will not.

Conclusion – it’s likely that you battery is not holding any charge after running, so you will need to replace it.

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First, replace the battery if you know it’s bad. If the engine won’t start when “cold,” the choke on the carburetor is possibly the problem. Any gasoline engine requires a small amount of fuel enrichment upon starting when the engine is “cold.” This is accomplished by the choke mechanism, which partially closes off airflow to the carb with a flap. Reduced airflow means more fuel to air ratio during the times the engine needs fuel enrichment. The flap movement is spring loaded and controlled manually, electronically or by engine temperature. If the choke flap fails to close when the engine is cold, the engine will be extremely hard to start. Keep in mind that the engine may start just fine once the engine is warm, when the additional fuel flow is not needed.
Another factor might arise if the engine hasn’t been used for some time. Today’s gasoline is more volatile and less stable for long term. As the gasoline evaporates, it sometimes leaves solid deposits inside the carb that can clog fuel passageways. If the passageways are blocked, even partially, you won’t get full fuel flow and the engine will be harder to start.
Summation: Replace the battery if you know it’s bad, regardless. Use good quality fuel and make sure the carb internals and choke are clean and working properly. I’d also suggest looking here:

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