Schoolboy is left with horrifying burns after bullies douse him with petrol


‘They are not children, they are monsters’

Schoolboy is left with horrifying burns after bullies douse him with petrol



  1. How the hell do you pour petroleum over someone and then set them on fire. – by accident?? Bloody stupidity of these animals is quite astonishing. Locked up for a very long while we all hope.

  2. Man,
    I’m not a harmful person and I cherish all life to the fullest but, if this was my son, I would $&%%, these guys that did this to my son. I’m sorry for saying this, but this would not go unpunished by me.

  3. That is not bullying, this is far more than bullying. Most bullies are nasty pieces of work, but I bet they are not looking for their victims to kill themselves or have any comprehension of their actions can live with someone for the rest of their life. This is out right attempted murder. Killers are not bullies, killers are killers.

  4. Lord, on behalf of all moms who don’t tolerate this type of crap. You know I would have found them quicker than the C.I.A. the rest is left for the imagination. Blood boiling. Charge the parents. I bet it will teach a lesson. Poor baby. Lord please restore his health.

  5. Again again and again this ever gonna stop???? How demented is this??? What is soooooo wrong with bullies that they burn a child?? This is it_ who did this needs to be locked up now no matter their age..this family needs to get a lawyer and SUE the parents of this bully..for bodily harm…jesus how evil….laws against bullying now….

  6. Those bullies should be charged as adults, regardless of their age. To be able to do that? Accident how? The lighter flew out of the kid’s hand onto the boy? The fact that it was out while they had petrol. They knew what they were doing.


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