Round Four awaits. Round Four awaits.


Round Four awaits. 🔴

Round Four awaits. 🔴



  1. Van Dijk v Everton: 5 Aerial Duels won (more than anyone) 79 Touches (Second most on the pitch) 2 Shots on target (More than anyone) 1 Goal. 2 Interceptions (Most for Liverpool) 62 Passes (More than anyone on the field) 4 Long Passes (More than anyone for Liverpool).

  2. United fans still trolling van dijk, you can see what it takes to be a manu fans, ego at its best, ,to all united fans, say somth about lukaku without crying😂😂

  3. Honestly am a united fan but common, this Liverpool side is currently the best team in the world and I can see them topping city in the league cuz this year is definitely their year but if they fail to do that this year then maybe next year will be their year again trust me

  4. Bad game for the reds, the liver without coutinho and salah means 0, i hope that phillip finish this season in the team, and i hope that joe gomez don’t never play any other game his so so so bad for me arnold if klopp make him playing every game will be better than dani alves, do you agree guys !


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