Rivers Now Almost Always In The News For The Wrong Reasons, Laments Amaechi | Sa…


Rivers Now Almost Always In The News For The Wrong Reasons, Laments Amaechi | Sahara Reporters

”No doubt, our state has endured a tortuous political season, which saw political parties jostle and cajole Rivers people to make choices. Our state, which was known and respected as the Treasure Base of the nation, is now almost always in the news for the wrong reasons. This is not the Rivers State of our dreams. We must find our way back to the path of a glorious future. I am one of you, therefore, as your father, son and brother, i beseech you to be of good courage and join hands to build and restore the glory of our state.”

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  1. This statement may not come ordinary, it seems like Buhari will drop this guy because he couldn’t deliver as he boast..
    Amaechi might be trying to secure a soft landing in Rivers state politics.

  2. It is never late for reconciliation. It’s a good move but start by dropping your ego and apologise to your brother GEJ. You performed very well in your first 4 years as a governor. You don’t deserve to be so hated by many Rivers people. Embrace the reconciliation and pray for forgiveness from God. At least your Easter message is step in the right direction.

  3. You are the architect of all the political turmoil that be deviled Rivers state during the elections Mr. Amaechi! Stop pretending and acting smart now like you really care. You wanted to force what is not as if it was, all in a bid to impress those in Abuja.

  4. Is not because he seen that the northners have discovered oil in far Borno state and gold and diamond in Zamfara state and doing local scooping and mining of same without knowledge of southners, if not for protest of zayzaki and engr. Mahamud Musa on the 17th of this month been April 2019 that everything came out to limelight. Shame to us all in the south east, south south for not been united. Tomorrow we will claim that the Hausas are unwise. God have mercy on us.

  5. Nice one, Rotimi! I have decided to use your(Yoruba name) because I want you to, Ro da da( think it through). You don’t need this face off with your brother Wike. Imagine the level in which you guys would have reached. Can’t you see that those who hate your development stride are the ones prodding you to kill and destroy your people. Imagine all those great works, you have put in place and if you had allowed Wike to continue peacefully in that spirit. Thank God you are realising now. I know your enemies and detractors will not support the reconciliation, we pray for you, We pray for a progressive , prosperous and peaceful Rivers. God bless those who are bringing you guys together for peace. Long live Rivers State. Long live Nigeria. Shame to your enemies. Shame to those who rejoice at your fall. Congrats.

  6. Because of your greed and selfishness APC could not conduct a peaceful congress let alone primaries in Rivers state. The courts ruled the APC out of the elections but you used the military in killing your people in an election your party had no candidates. Shame on you. Your end is near.

  7. Sir please don’t listen to this south eastern men and women on this platform they’re still suffering from post election defeat syndrome, they seem to cry more than the bereaved. As a Rivers man I’m happy with this, Rivers State must move forward, true this current state is not the type we dreamed of but I trust that we’d get there when we get the right Leadership.

  8. Reconciliation is the answer. Both parties should burial their egos and embrace peace, without which there can be no meaningful development. All elders and leaders of Rivers must seize the momentum to achieve GENUINE reconciliation. Long live peaceful and prosperous Rivers.

  9. If you mix what Chibuike Amaechi said here and what Wike said for peace, then you can well predict what can be the result. These gentlemen have reached the peak of their political careers. What do you gain from the insult business. Obviously it takes who you are respectively to say the things you vituperative here. If two foes are suing for peace what do you gain by venting darkness or vengeance on one. Non of them is a saint and they both know it. Incidentally non of your bad mouths will be consulted on Rivers state going forward. All join to build Rivers state.

  10. Amaechi, I pray the psychic ring imposed around your spiritual space by Buhari’s marabouts, sooner than later, fizzle out. And not you alone. They rode on your anger to cock you up. Avarice of your fellow travellers, hooked those up. You need always, stronger energy to dine with them else, would be sucked in. So, you are a victim.

  11. Apologize to your people for what you made them go through because of selfishness and visit each of those families whom you caused the killing of their loved ones and also tell them you’re sorry, it may not bring back the dead but it would start a healing process

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  13. You owe your, beginning with the Governor, a sincere apology and restitution for the much infliction of pain you gave them. Healing must be effected by the right therapy.
    Do the needful, Minister and restore the glory of Rivers State, otherwise posterity will not forgive you.

  14. Ameachi come back to round table as fast as u can and sort thing out because Abuja masquerade(DSS,EFCC&POLICE) we some come after u River state is only place to run


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