Revisit Notre-Dame in all its glory with this 360° video. Just months before t…


Revisit Notre-Dame in all its glory with this 360° video.

Just months before the cathedral was severely damaged by fire, a camera team filmed the entire iconic structure.



  1. An incredible piece of architectural history who’s partial loss is tragic, but who’s resurrection thankfully is assured thanks to financial support from all sectors around the world some individuals donating millions of Euros! It’s such a great shame human kind is unable to respond in a similar way and with similar speed and financial assistance in order to save our much older and far more incredibly important EARTH from global warming and plastic pollution of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers!

  2. When I look at buildings like this, in my weird brain they have a personality ! I can see them as a living thing. Notre Dame is so much more beautiful from the back. And the tourists crowd around the front taking photos not knowing what they’re missing.

  3. It would be a nice idea if you were as despairing for Grenfell Tower victims and survivors…oh, sorry, less well-off people were involved in that, weren’t they. The Notre Dame fire is, don’t get me wrong, a cultural disaster, but the seriousness and solemnity of how the BBC (and the rich) have treated both fires leaves a lot to be desired, IMO. Maybe the aristocracy, in fine feudal style, will be dedicating a new chantry to themselves in the Notre Dame rebuild?

  4. Passing of an amazing piece of architectural and engineering work. All those flying buttresses to keep it from collapsing! And it survived for so many centuries. I walked around inside it years ago, as so many did. It’s impossible to rebuild it. It was done over centuries by master craftsmen. Are we going to replicate it with a concrete masonry glass and steel thing! No impossible. Don’t even try.


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