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  • Literature

    CARF articles and printable brochures on a variety of topics
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  • Consumer

    Information for persons receiving services and their families
    Click for consumer resources
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  • Retirement living

    Guides to help evaluate continuing care retirement living options
    Click for retirement living guides
    Browse retirement living guides…

  • Newsletters

    Newsletter subscription options and archive of past issues
    Click for newsletters
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  • IAC

    Resources from members of CARF’s International Advisory Council
    Click for International Advisory Council (IAC) resources
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  • Promoting accreditation

    Resources to help you promote your accreditation
    Click to browse promoting accreditation resources
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  • Multimedia

    Videos about CARF’s services and mission
    Click for videos
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  • Veterans

    Programs, stories, and resources for veterans and their families
    Click for veterans resources
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  • Logos

    CARF logos for use on your website or printed materials
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