#PressPlay: Why Are Nigerians So Afraid Of Their Government? WATCH FULL VIDEO:…


#PressPlay: Why Are Nigerians So Afraid Of Their Government?

WATCH FULL VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2ZheSgh

VIDEO: Why Are Nigerians So Afraid Of Their Government?



  1. Why Nigerians so much respect this government should be the correct phrase. You see, we are tired of opportunist that always take advantage of the vulnerables to get cheap popularity in the name of human rights activism.

  2. Being law abiding isn’t cowardly and rascality isn’t bravery. Anyway I’m not surprised you don’t know the difference since you don’t even know the difference between peaceful protest and revolution 😏

  3. In a country where 70 percent are self employed with average income low as 70$ per month after more than 10 uhr daily job. Know health insurance know life benefits, they only hope on miracle that’s why you see churches everywhere and still waiting on God time.🙂 that why it will be very difficult to join.

  4. Ask Yoruba urchins and chameleons that have resolve to leave problems affecting them to talk about IPOBs and her indefatigable courage to deal with their own son Ike ekweremmadu.
    They should protest so that Sowore will be released,IPOB did it why not Yorubas?🙄🙄. If u think we Easterners will come and fight for u on this,u r mistaking,as u mock US during Python dance,so shall we laugh at U.

  5. They are not afraid Sahara, they have one or two things they do for a living.
    The only ones you can find in the street are the ones who have no drive, aim and ambition than what they get from their political Lords.

  6. Mr adeyanju i am not afraid of my government, because all i have been thought from my primary, secondary and University days was to be loyal, patriotic,and optimistic.do you think you can just overnight scrap away all the hard work being instilled in me by those hardworking, tireless, and selfless teachers? I think revolution will speak for itself not being instigated by some ungodly few.try le chatliers principle and see if revolution will not take place.the law said:”if a system is perturbed,the system tend to move to minimize the effect of that pertubation.” I am not afraid of my government i am only scared of the government to fall on incapable few!

  7. Hmmmm,say it again and again.We are not practicing democracy my dear brother,so carry your cross alone don’t involve or mislead innocent people minding their own business.

  8. The people must hold their govt accountable but the reason most people don’t come out for protest is bcos they are not sure of the motive of d organisers. Is there truly sincerity of purpose to lead a course for d peoples freedom?

  9. Nigeria is a mismatch of political and ethnic identities, bribe and bullet rules, this question should be directed to the traditional alliance that helps divide and rule strategy to be effective.

  10. If you check well you will see that almost all the whole Nigerians have passed through secondary school and know what democracy is all about about …..but it pains me to see that Nigerians are all just concerned about themselves not about there country ….its a pity

  11. Oga, who ever had seen where Sango Olukoso have landed, he or she will never collaborated to course the King of Koso . I think IPOB and other’s notable detainees should have be in position to answer your question better than ordinary Nigerian .


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