#PressPlay: How President Muhammadu Buhari Quashed Goje’s N5bn Fraud Case In Bi…


#PressPlay: How President Muhammadu Buhari Quashed Goje’s N5bn Fraud Case In Bid To Control The Senate

WATCH FULL VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2F1f9MI

Nigeria has become a beehive of corruption with politicians and elites milking the country dry with the support of the toothless anti-corruption agencies.

In order to convince Danjuma Goje to back down from the race, President Muhammadu Buhari promised to drop the N5 billion fraud case against Goje. The President also ordered the EFCC to withdraw from prosecuting Goje. At the latest hearing in Jos on Friday, June 5, 2019, one Pius Ukeyima Akutah from the Ministry of Justice took over the case from EFCC’s counsel, Wahab Shittu.



  1. Fake News carrier Sahara reporters una go tire, BUHARI is the President till 2023 no amount of blackmail from any demonic Media outlets can hinder him.

    Soworethief should tell us how his squandered AAC funds that made the party to sack him embarrassingly

  2. All the buhari media attack cows and rams, have all ran out of data to comment. Their baba is just an insufferable hypocrite, his own loot will be more than that of saint abacha. Just a matter of time, and his shadow will leave him to the open market of karma.

  3. Buhari came to fool those who were already fools. They brought up the case to stop Goje’s aspiration, they stepped it down as soon as he was willing to let go after much pressure. It is now clear that this government is interested in making the national assembly a ministry under the executive. Las las una go tire.

  4. He’d better control the legislature having someone who will cooperate with him in moving Nigeria to the next level than allows PDP having the like of Saraki as senate president again.

  5. I was waiting to hear Buhari in dat video saying: I’ll drop d case if u drop ur ambition..! For d people on ze oza side, Sahara reporters is no longer “Herdsmen media, Gutter media, Yoruba media”….!
    Satan is watching all of u.

  6. Lol! We don hear you.
    No matter the lies and blackmailing, Buhari remain Nigerian President till 2023. While Sowore remain a thief loser who defraud AAC party and got expelled.
    From Emiefele, to Gbajiamila, from Gbajiamilla to Buhari. Remain Osibanjo, na you go tire!

  7. President buhari really favours politicians who lots Nigeria treasure am not surprised seeing the EFCC going after Yahoo boys and Sars going after innocent Nigerians because they have no more work to do all the corrupt politicians are now living the life of heroes in Nigeria because the president fight corruption on media or social media not in reality.

  8. The reason why we aspire for Lawal and Gbaja to head over the legislature is not because they’re clean. But to make sure that PDP are down and out of Nigerian system.


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