#PressPlay: How President Muhammadu Buhari Quashed Goje’s N5bn Fraud Case In Bi…


#PressPlay: How President Muhammadu Buhari Quashed Goje’s N5bn Fraud Case In Bid To Control The Senate

WATCH FULL VIDEO: http://bit.ly/2F1f9MI

Nigeria has become a beehive of corruption with politicians and elites milking the country dry with the support of the toothless anti-corruption agencies.

In order to convince Danjuma Goje to back down from the race, President Muhammadu Buhari promised to drop the N5 billion fraud case against Goje. The President also ordered the EFCC to withdraw from prosecuting Goje. At the latest hearing in Jos on Friday, June 5, 2019, one Pius Ukeyima Akutah from the Ministry of Justice took over the case from EFCC’s counsel, Wahab Shittu.



  1. Mr. President… 😂😂
    I love the way you fight corruption in this country. Almighty God will reward you according your performances Amen 🙏.

    Laws are made by the SUPERIOR for the INFERIOR ones to obey in Nigeria.

  2. “The worst criminals of our time are buhari and his Vice
    The corruption and inhumanity under this two Saint
    criminal knew no borders. Both are devoid of all integrity,
    all honor, all mercy, all humanity.

  3. I will never be suprised at anything that baba and his apc ali baba and 40 unrepentant irredeemable thieves are doing, i am rather suprised at what they have not done.

  4. Why is the executive arm of Govt interfering with the Judicial arm of government without any repercussions whatsoever! Nigeria is a fraud and the citizenry are simply ignoramuses.

  5. Sahara reporters where were you when corruption was the order of the day before PMB come on board?.Does journalism forbid patrioticism,i know you will say you have freedom of expressions.But the truth is that freedom of expression and some other constitutional provisions guaranteed in costitution are not absolute.There are limitation to freedom of expression.


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