Poor mental health is one of the biggest challenges in the farming industry. At …


Poor mental health is one of the biggest challenges in the farming industry. At least one agricultural worker a week takes their own life across the UK.

Warning: contains upsetting scenes.
For details of organisations that offer advice and support, go to BBC Action Line.



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  2. I suffer from mental health issues(anxiety,depression and also hearing voices)I’m lucky to have a loving family and getting some form of more help soon*again*).Everyone should be educated on mental health issues as they can happen to anyone at anytime of their lives.I have a lot sympathy and compassion for anyone feeling down like this, as its okay not to be okay and that’s why i choose to talk about my mental health issues as this post may help others.Please if you see your father,mother,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,niece,nephew,grandparents and friends also strangers ,not looking themselves.Help them or if you don’t know what to say,please contact services that help people everyday 24 hours 365 days as you could be the person that saves a life.#mentalhealthawareness #itsoknottobeokay.👌🇬🇧

  3. Imagine being harassed and your family harassed everyday by animal rights loons who know nothing.or staying awake at night in fear someone will release your livestock or burn your barn…. welcome to the life of a farmer in 2019 and people wonder why farmers are depressed

  4. This is a result of the false values we have in our so-called modern society. The people who grow the food that keeps us all alive are underpaid and unappreciated.
    Meanwhile people who just sing or dance or pretend to be somebody else make a fortune for not doing anything much.
    Go figure people… why are farmers becoming ill?


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