Policemen Should Undergo Mental Assessment Immediately, Group Tells IGP | Sahara…


Policemen Should Undergo Mental Assessment Immediately, Group Tells IGP | Sahara Reporters

It is high time that the leadership of the police began a mental assessment and other forms of relevant assessment to remove the bad heads from the system.

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  1. If Nigerian police men undergo phycological mental accessment , it will suprice Nigerians that we will have no police man in the police force anymore because all of then will fail and we will know we have mad men as law enforcement officer. They are all reterdent.

  2. Not only the police,but every Nigerian, should also undergo the test,to ascertain the level of insanity.Since most of the comments in the social media are nothing to write home about.

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  4. Let the ogas,educated officers do swap,those in air conditioned offices should work shifts so that they will feel what those in the sun feels,so that they feel the cry of the masses and make necessary changes. The junior ones are trained like animals, lives in pigs quarters, poor/miserable, so they vent their frustration on the innocent masses,since they’re forbidden to complain or protest. Most of them find succour in drugs,ogogoro/burukutu,weed & harlots. Many of them do horrible things to make money to support their reckless lifestyle even aiding numerous crimes.


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