PHOTONEWS: Late Nigerian army commander, Maj MM Hassan (Sarkin Yaki Damboa) duri…


PHOTONEWS: Late Nigerian army commander, Maj MM Hassan (Sarkin Yaki Damboa) during funeral prayer in Maimalari in Maiduguri. Major Hassan died fighting Boko Haram insurgents



  1. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN THE LORD,why should the Nigeriam government be sparing the lives of this boko haram after capturing them alive while they keep killing our soldiers day and night

  2. I thought BH has been defeated naw! Na wa o… “APC!” “Change!! Changi, Deception! Sai buhari…. Shame on all those who brought this on us… Shame on Sahara reporters

  3. You’ve done your bit. Rest well gallant soldier. May Allah Subhana Wataalah forgive you of shortcomings and raise your rank to the best of Al-Jannah.

    Jannatah Wa Ariirah.

  4. So that I can have peace, you sold yours.
    You’ve been taken away, not without playing your role well.
    You were soldier of soldiers, commander of commanders, officer of officers… May Allah overlook your shortcomings, widen your grave, comfort your loved ones, and return peace to our land.
    Adieu, gallant man.

  5. May God help and bless this family of Hassan two brother fighting for the peace of the nation trying to flush out Boko Haram one lost his life while the other was accused of killing farmers in adamawa and detain in police custody same week u lost ur brother may almighty God vindicate and uplift u in d struggle may u come out strong and continue with ur duty as a police officer….

  6. Let this animal kingdom called Nigeria 👎👎 be divided so that everyone knows what belong to him and not. How can we associate ourselves to a country that is fighting different types of terrorism in 21th century when other people’s of the world are planning for 22th century standard?’? Give those people in the North an Islamic republic as demanded by their youths and some hidden elders that made them to fight or sponsor terrorists

  7. The hero of the war, u lay ur life for others to live, u sacrificed ur life in the line of duty, i pray to God of Jacob “father of israel” Abraham, Isaac, Moses rest ur gentle soul in peace. amen!

  8. RIP my senior at PSSMX.. You are indeed a gallant, hero and True Nigerians won’t forget your sacrifice in defending them and Nigeria🇳🇬😢 May Almighty Allah forgives all of your shortcomings, Amin.


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