PHOTONEWS: Dangote, Politicians, Support Group Visit Buhari In United States SE…


PHOTONEWS: Dangote, Politicians, Support Group Visit Buhari In United States




  1. When you say your youth are lazy,you scare investor away from your country. (1) no manpower (2) Do we have light they will use to power equipments.(3) insecurity (4) our roads are death traps

  2. Nigeria bad leaders they are not ashamed every day killing people like a chicken because Your company that is working for you your hard-working people they are key 14 people today it’s only God will judge all of you one by one

  3. I can’t vote for buhari in fact my family and friends we all agreed not to vote for buhari so we are out of his vote and i know some people who has decided not to vote for him and u need to understand that a vote count.
    Let’s see how it’s goes in 2019.

  4. Which support group ? Isnt it these ones that ran away from nigeria because of hardship and uncertainty about their future ? we know buhari bribed them to support him .

  5. All this group and Nigeria is sinking ….we need God first then every spirit of failure that is after this country will go out…too many evil in the country…

  6. Is it because of the support he wants from US that made him deposit millions of Dollars in the name of purchasing aircraft’s that will be supplied to Nigeria in 2020 if he returns to power. America will take your money and still mess you up.

  7. “They tolerated thieves for 16 years, but finding it difficult to tolerate an honest man for 3 years!

    Examine yourself! 2019 is all about BUHARI versus coalitions and amalgamation of thieves.

    The side you belong indicates your character”

    God bless us all and PMB… ✌✌✌✌


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