Pep Guardiola makes Premier League history – winning an unprecedented four conse…


Pep Guardiola makes Premier League history – winning an unprecedented four consecutive Barclays Manager of the Month awards!



  1. ppl saying money this money that as if he bought all the best players from each position but he’s just bringing the best out of regular players,even the players y’all called flops like stones nd sterling,nd delph as Left back nd sometimes fernandinho as a Centre back,so give him some credit nd stop hating

  2. I’m a Chelsea fan but I can’t be petty. Hats off, one of the best holiday/winter period performances in many years. Season’s are broken during this spell but they beat Man Utd, Spurs, and slew of other tough teams👏

  3. A big record i see no manager breaking…4 consecutive motm awards…absolutely crazy n to those people saying he should manage smaller clubs n we will see why dont u also marry ugly girls so we see if u truly men…nonsense

  4. Wt an incredible month for city with sooo many matches still showing class n stayin on top, only if palace were not parking bus like urinated team we would ve created a record of 20 wins. Go city reach new heights, Great job pep.
    Manchester is blue !

  5. People blaming Pep are Jealous.. Man Utd and Chelsea have spent a lot of money too… it’s about spending the money wisely and manage the players which are available… Jose Mourinho spent almost 300 million too… did he win any manager of the month award? 😂😂

  6. When he first came to epl, people say he wont even survive.. now that he survived successfully, people say try manage sheffield, rotterham, nottingham, blablabla..? Hahaha haters and excuses are inseparable…

  7. Porto won their first and only so far, UCL in 2004 under Jose Mourinho. The last time Inter Milan won UCL was 1965. Bang!!! Inter Milan won their second UCL under Jose Mourinho in 2010.

  8. It’s funny,no one was claiming Sane as a world class talent,Fernandinho,Sterling,De Bruyne,Delph,Otamendi. None of them were claimed to be world class talents,but now that Guardiola has brought the best out of them,people are saying “with that squad blah blah blah”. Face it,Pep took good players and turned them into world class. Stop the hate.

  9. Man City are a danger to everyone, Guardiola right now has them beating everyone and if they start to stutter, they go out and buy another world class player, Jesus gets injured so they bring in Sanchez, it’s impossible to compete with them now, I think that’s why Barca spent so much on Coutinho, yes they are buying a world class player but it’s also them making a statement to PSG and City that they are still top dogs in world football, next up is Real Madrid spending 150 mill on Hazard

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