Our Democracy Is Faulty, Says Gbenga Daniel | Sahara Reporters “What I am sayi…


Our Democracy Is Faulty, Says Gbenga Daniel | Sahara Reporters

“What I am saying in essence is that if we continue to practise democracy without a drastic change, it cannot work,” he said. “It will only make people poorer and hopeless. This is why the progressive minded politicians like myself and political pundits are clamouring for restructuring, which will address the challenges facing us as a nation and proffer meaningful solutions for the betterment of the people.”

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  1. I am very curious about something. When a politician decides to swap political party, is there a kind of law (political party’s law) that could say No or Yes to such person joining them? Carpet crossing should be abolished in Nigeria’s politics. Progressive minded but was conservatively minded for almost 2 decades. What has changed in you all of a sudden?

  2. You had the chance of your life to bring that drastic change when you were governor in Ogun State but you did nothing. Our politicians are very good at rhetorics but are always afraid to take the bull by the horn to bring about the much needed change for the betterment of their people.

  3. POLITICS IN NIGERIA have brought down the country to its knees. The system has been crumbled through looters and expensive/huge and outrageous salaries of the political class, which transcends IN THE society, turning jobless men into different vices;Ritualistists, Murderers, SCAMMERS, Robbers, etc,etc. May God save Nigeria and the Innocents IN NIGERIA.

  4. Was it not people like you who use beautiful terms like restructuring that got us into this mess. Once you have a government that monitores polices and delivers with justice the Nigeria of our dreams will come true

  5. I vote for restructuring of Nigeria.
    In a country where ethnicity and religious sentiment is deeply rooted, leaders emerge through tribal loyalty, there’s absolutely no way a president of Fulani tribe will protect the interest of an Ogoni man. With restructuring no one will pull others down.

  6. However, some of your co journey men/women, claim ignorance of what restructuring means. Since they are beneficiaries of the skewed arrangements. They don’t mean well for the citizenry. No common goals to develop the country, all we have is individuals primitive accumulation of obscene wealth.

  7. Am thankful to God that I lived in Nigeria when religion sentiment was zero. You could attend a Roman Catholic School and on Sunday go to an Anglican church to worship.

  8. Yes everyone is for restructuring, but some people have amassed our collective wealth so much that any restructuring without redistribution of wealth between the have and the have not ,the wealthy will be the beneficiary of restructured and still lord it over the rest in the restructured entity this might create tension and crisis, so to restructured it has to go with genuine redistribution of our wealth, and collect what we can from people who has stolen our resources.


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