“Oprah Winfrey has the voice of a leader.” It’s official, the idea of #Oprah2…


“Oprah Winfrey has the voice of a leader.”

It’s official, the idea of #Oprah2020 already has two very big fans – Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.



  1. Hey, USA, listen up for the love of God – you elect POLITICIANS for POLITICS OK? Not actors, not celebrities, not TV show hosts, not sportsmen or women, not stars but POLITICIANS Got it?

  2. If she wants to get some political experience then by all means run for governor or senator. Then run for President. Being a celebrity is not a qualification for being president, as we’re currently finding out.

  3. Please tell me people would not be naive enough to vote for celebrities !! when they have no connection or experience with Politics, and if anyone uses Regan as an example, at least he was a senator before becoming president !! 😉

  4. Meryl Streep? Are you serious? 😆. She referred to Harvey Weinstein as her god! 😆 Meryl Streep is a hypocrite and a fraud! As for Hanks, I noticed him crying at the Golden Globes. Where were his tears when Weinstein was in power? He is a bit late to the show, isn’t he?

  5. Wait…we have a television “star” (term used loosely) in the White House and everyone is complaining why in the heck do we want to replace one with another just because she is a woman?

    Strange times we live in.

  6. Just please stop with this. First it was Hillary and the “at least she’s not as bad as Trump” argument. Now we’re going to try a different version of Trump? Didn’t the Dems say that a TV star isn’t qualified to be president? Ffs! No. No Oprah. #Noprah

  7. While Winfrey would likely be superior to Minority President Trump in every imaginable way, do we really need a chat show host to follow up a game show host as president? Why do we need a president who is “exciting”? I would prefer one that is just qualified at this point.

  8. I’m going to say this again. Since you seem to be stuck….
    Goodness BBC News , just leave it alone already… Geez are you all just stationed in the U.S or something? How about reporting on global news… you guys are becomming an international TMZ/ Tabloids

  9. Yes Mr Hanks, Oprah does wake up every morning thinking of ways to make the world a better place. A better place for Oprah, what ever Oprah means. Strange name for uglyness.

  10. omg stop it. she’s a great person and humanitarian, but darn it, there are good people out there who spend their life knowing and understanding the complexities of governing and policy. stop with the celebrity worship.

  11. A bunch of actors who make a living out of pretending to be someone else trying to explain real life to real people ..who were all delusionaly wrong in the last election ..odd

  12. I wonder if liberals will give Oprah and Merrill Streep the same Harvey Weinstein sexual assaulter enabler and protector pass that liberals also gave the same to Hillary Clinton for being Bill Clintons Sexual assaulter enabler and protector.

  13. Come on people!! Really? Let’s stop picking celebrities for potential candidates.

    Yes, I understand that we are sick of politicians, but at least let’s pick someone who is more on the scholar side. They tend to be more objective and especially have an educated criteria, which is what we need.

  14. There’s thousands of elected officials in federal, state, and local government. There’s volunteers, high-end professionals, and multiple others who could do the job.

    Enough with the TV Presidency crap. I’ve already got DVDs of The West Wing if I want that.

  15. Why even go to universities and study hard subjects like engineering or medicine, when you can just be actors and actresses or a talk show host, then make millions and the become President. Let Tom Hanks be the financial secretary and Streep be the Secretary of state!

  16. Opha Has more experience, more grace, more maturity, more bridge building, more dedication Than a “golfer” that sits in the White House spending over $15 million dollars playing golf and calling it a business/working vocation. O by the way, Every time this “President” calls he’s working vacation, He can write it off as business experience or he can Screw it to the American Tax Payer, either way, it’s NOT coming out of his pocket, .. Guess what, Ophra doesn’t play golf. so that’s $15 million dollars back in the government to assist the Vet’s, Homeless and education etc, etc,

  17. Just no. Enough with the celebrity aspirations for office. Oprah has neither the temperament, background, education or analytical skills. And she promotes junk science. Just nope.

  18. She’s an entertainer! Doesn’t USA have any brilliant, talented people who are actually qualified for the job? Like a proven track record in law, political science, diplomacy, international relations etc.

  19. And shall we just ignore the fact that Oprah promotes such pseudoscientific charlatans as Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil? Not to mention the Queen of Woo… Gwyneth Hooha Paltrow! Can the potentially most powerful country in the world please start electing actual brains to one of the world’s most important positions? Please and Thank you!

  20. Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and yes…Oprah, are all very talented and impressive people in their particular fields of expertise. But, let’s not have any more celebrities without political experience holding high office. The Oprah phenomenon shows that the world just wants something, anything to hope for given the horrible human being that’s currently taken up residence in the White House. There are plenty of bright experienced political leaders out there. Perhaps Oprah will endorse one of them? :0)

  21. Oprah Winfrey is brilliant, talented, and is an amazing, rousing speaker. Like Meryl Streep said, this is the mark of a leader. And anyone can strive to become a politician. The word “politics” is derived from the Greek…“for or relating to citizens.” In the United States of America, you are not required to hold a certain type of job in order to run for office. We’ve had legislators and Presidents that have come from many different walks of life. That’s how it works in a free country.

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