Onnoghen Appeals Conviction By Tribunal, Lists 16 Reasons Why He Should Be Acqui…


Onnoghen Appeals Conviction By Tribunal, Lists 16 Reasons Why He Should Be Acquitted | Sahara Reporters

However, in a notice of appeal filed at the Registry of the tribunal shortly after the judgment, Onnoghen faulted the judgement on 16 grounds, and urged the Court of Appeal to set it aside. He asked the Court of Appeal to hold that the CCT lacked the jurisdiction to hear the charge and that the tribunal ought to have recused itself from the trial. He also prayed the Appeal Court to set aside all the orders made by the tribunal in the judgment, including that of forfeiture of his five domiciliary accounts to the Nigerian government.

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  1. No place like home.
    Efforts puts to build another man’s country is always a futile one. There’s nothing like one Nigeria. Once you are not a Northerner in this failed country, your efforts are not welcomed. A moment we realize that we (South South, South East) are not welcomed in Nigeria the best.

  2. Niger deltans some of you say igbos are your problem. But one Hausa man called buhari replaced onnoghen with tanko. One malami charged him. One magu of efcc investigated him. One abdullahiof NJC recommended his sack. Now one umar has finally convicted him. Nnamdi says all the southers that saver Nigeria must come back with shame

  3. All our leaders are corrupt one way or the other. Corruption does not involve only money. If u disobey court order or u don’t obey the law of the country bcos of your position, u are also corrupt.

    So, tell me who is a saint in this country? If u are against the government of the day, they will look for a way to nock u down.

    As far as, this country is concern today we are all guilty, take it or leave. Even the clerics are not sincere talk less of us.

    The present acting CJN also has his own flaws.

  4. A person holding a very sensitive post such as this shouldnt be allow to enjoy d principle of rule of law such as this. Why we must amend our against a puplic officer and in favour of an average man on d street.

  5. Where are those Niger Delta Governors who were pushing Onoghen? Where is PDP? Only him suffering now. If he gets another opportunity which I konw is not possible, he will not follow PDP to Dubai for evil meeting against Buhari again.

  6. This case surprise me so much
    Even the witnesses brought by FG speak in favour of onnoghen
    But like danladi umar like Mahmoud yakubu they must do what buhari told them

  7. Look the yorubas and hausa fulanis standing together to mock the south south for this premeditated judgement which is politically motivated. They have refused to see how the constitution that supposed to show the way and determine the mode operation of the entity called Nigeris is being battered right before our very eyes yet they are laughing at us bcos they feel their people are in power.

    Who laugh last laugh best….trust me on this . The table will turn around as far as our God liveth. Mark my words and today’s date.

    The truth is we are not one and we will never be one in this country. The only thing that is forcefully keeping us together is the oil in the South south and south east. .. and if the oil was to be in the north, this country would have been dismembered bcos the north would have asked for and gotten it a very long time ago.

  8. Mr. Rawlings said: ”If people in power use their offices to pursue self-interest, they will be resisted and unseated, no matter how unshakeable their oppression may seem to be.”

  9. Chicken farm otta and abuja farms buolt with onnoghens proceeds and delicious chicken produced by prosoners who stole moneu 1 million and under who are set free to produce delicious free range eggs and chicken for the masses. History made and a lesson to all looters. Use their proceed to feed the masses


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