One Killed, Four Critically Wounded In Ibadan As FRSC Officials Chase Micra Driv…


One Killed, Four Critically Wounded In Ibadan As FRSC Officials Chase Micra Driver Into A Ditch | Sahara Reporters

According to a witness, the driver of the commercial car had refused to stop at a checkpoint manned by the FRSC officials around Ojoo. The driver’s refusal to stop made the FRSC official to embark on a hot pursuit of the Micra car, with number plate Lagos 831 DH, and their van marked 1139(3). “We saw how the FRSC officials were pursuing the unpainted commercial car,” the witness. “The officials were trying to overtake the car and in the process both of them plunged into this wide hole by the roadside.”




  1. The FRSC should stop pursuing vehicles.. They suppose to be staying
    In the road that has pot holes and damaged road for easy stopping of vehicles… Or still stay near police or army checking point …
    Any case of pursuing a vehicle and it has accident… I think the FRSC is to blame

  2. Lawless evil forest called Nigeria, law enforcement agencies killing the citizens, armed robbers killing the citizens, armed forces killing the citizens, Bokoharam/fulani headsmen killing the citizens, politicians/ritualist killing the citizens and nothing absolutely is done about it. May curse be upon Lord Lugard and wife for bringing three nations together and give us this miserable name called Nigeria. May Britain know no peace for all the lives wasted in this contraption😢

  3. Look give them guns and bombs it will be faster to stop anything even then Air safety will start and rocket launchers will be used for any stupid pilot that refuses to stop. Haba. Sai Baba

  4. No need for the chase, I thought there is cameras to capture default ers , and automatic payments made from their bank accounts…..
    Well I live in China, I don’t know how the country Nigeria Operate.

    Any way RIP, is a pity, unnecessary death.

  5. Very soon Airforce, Prison Warders, immigration officers, Civil defense and even Navy will start to dey mount road block and be collecting 50, 100, 20 along the road. It is a lucrative business for our Uniformed men. Nigeria Teeeyi!

  6. This is the type of people the federal Government want to give them firearms. Boko-haram killings will be small to the number of death that will be recorded on our roads daily.

  7. In developed countries, if one person died accidentally it will seem as if the entire country is mourning, it will be televised in every news for the whole month, but in Nigeria hearing that fifty was killed here seventy was killed there sounds like only one hundred and twenty? that’s too small for a whole day now, and worst still the government is doing absolutely nothing about it, even the so called President who have been busy traveling here and there are doing nothing, am yet to know the true identity of Buhari and his motive in Nigeria. Even the government securities are busy killing unarmed civilians daily and no body is doing anything about it.

  8. This corporation has become more of a revenue generating agency than a safety compliance organisation. Their mission is to book motorists only without necessarily stopping the offences. I think their whims and caprices in generating revenue to their office have explicitly defeated their purpose of existence. They are now a nausea on our roads, a danger every driver fears. There is no justification for their continued existence presently as portrayed.

  9. So it is now clear that the reason why buhari appoints all the security chiefs from the north is to be killing Nigerians in different ways? Police shooting innocent Nigerians, Road safety chasing innocent Nigerians to death, South Africa killing Nigerians and buhari is keeping quiet. Next Level of who will remain by 2023.

  10. Outside Nigeria, I was shocked with my experience when a Commercial Driver who parked at wrong place in trying to avoid being blocked by the Police Vehicle splash dirt water by the road side unto the patrol police vehicle.

    The Patrol Police didn’t bother about such experience. The driver went a little distance of 3 seconds stopped to pick a passenger yet the Police didn’t pursue the vehicle.

    Then I recalled if such happened to be in Nigeria…
    In fact, Nigeria Security System is the worst.

    FRSC, instead of reporting Bad Roads and call for the Federal Government help would use the spot for Check-Points.

    Upon all the Service Chiefs from the North still Nigeria faces Security problems.

    The foundation of Nigeria (Amalgamation of 1914) is faulty. Until that act is revisited Evil will never stop in Nigeria.

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