On the first day of the new school year 10,000 pupils boycotted classes in Hong …


On the first day of the new school year 10,000 pupils boycotted classes in Hong Kong, organisers said, as protests enter their 14th consecutive week.




  1. The number n info from organizer is not reliable. There has been a lot of fake news, photos, videos around ……For example, they faked that over 100 secondary schools jointly signed to support students strike but the schools denied. And the protesters couldn’t provide the signed copy.

  2. I’m so proud of our future generation! They have critical thinking and know what are the essentials in life!

    We adults know very well students should be attending classes to equip themselves for a better future but what’s the point of equipping when there is no future in our city?

    Stand firm and we shall never surrender to the chinazi regime which doesn’t have a clue what human rights are.


  3. Such Irony, most of them youth aren’t educated enough to realize that! Before 1997, Hong Kong by being a colony; None of them ever had the choice of Vote nor rights to protest for their “freedom”& “Democracy”. Sadly, this is the only “freedom” they will ever get to taste.

  4. Fight for your dream… freedom, democrazy, no school, self destruction….add oil add oil HK. Keep strong to continue fight for others interest. Ya ya, We admire you, we are proud of you, we want you to finish up HK.

  5. There’s no perfect government. Chinese do have requests sometimes and there’s a peaceful way to put forward. As I know, at least through official website of local government we give suggestions which are always approved very quickly if resonable. Anyway most of chinese would never ask for breaking with the country, for deeply inside we do love it so much.

  6. Awesome. Keep Hong Kong out of China. Hong Kong needs to be an independent country. China loves to control every aspect of human’s life. China has “1 child policy per family”, now with shortage, China “allows” people to have more than 1 child per family. Hong Kong has everything it needs to establish its independence.

  7. I see this everyday and have a mixture of emotions. I remember the ruthless put down by the Chinese government few years ago. The china’s arrogance in all matters has increased massively, including territories and financial. Now I see the people of Hong Kong being bullied and threatened to tow the lines of domination by the aggressive Chinese red army. I seriously fear for the people of Hong Kong. I am also humbled by the people’s bravery and resolve against repression. For what is worth, I sincerely give you 100% support and pray for your safety.


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