Obasanjo: God Will Not Forgive Me If I Support Atiku For Anything “How can I …


Obasanjo: God Will Not Forgive Me If I Support Atiku For Anything

“How can I be on the same side with Atiku? To do what?” Obasanjo asked. “If I support Atiku for anything, God will not forgive me. If I do not know, yes. But once I know, Atiku can never enjoy my support.”

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  1. What did you do for ogun state in your 8 years. You are not God. You tackle Jonathan government, you are tackling BUHARI administration, and already tackling atiku aspiration. You will tackle yaradua in grave.

  2. This is why I say most our politicians are clueless they are not working for our sake but for their selfish interest , and somebody should tell OBJ to beg for God’s forgiveness for the atrocities he has committed in the past ,he should leave Atiku matter for us to decide.

  3. obasanjo what ever Atiku done to you, is enough for this excessive punishment between political Godfather and his dog.
    By the highest order of enthusiasm I am right here laughing and enjoying this beef. I am for PMB!!!!

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  5. It is good that the life span of our mistakes is four years, while we make effort to correct the last one we made, we should be careful about whoever is branded with weapons of deception to curry our votes again. It should be based on personal conviction and not as recommended by anybody.


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