‘North Has Already Produced The President’ — 164 APC Lawmakers-Elect Back Gbajab…


‘North Has Already Produced The President’ — 164 APC Lawmakers-Elect Back Gbajabiamila For Speaker | Sahara Reporters

“Now, Senate President has been zoned to the North and speakership to the South and when it comes to the South we decide where it should go. Politics in this country is played along the line of North and South. North Central is North, North West is North and North East is North. So, the speakership has been zoned to South. When we zoned the Presidency to the North, North West produced the President. So, for those talking about zoning, zoning in this country is done North/South.”

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  1. Let power rotate between North & Southwest ONLY because they labored for it. Any region who want leadership position should not sit on the fence, shouting biafra and expect power to come to them on platter of gold. Period!
    Thank You

  2. 8th Assembly, they produced the president, sp and speaker. Heaven remained high. If same repeated itself, heaven will still not fall. I care for good leadership than who is ruling and where he/she comes from. Stable economy and good security is my concern, not tribal politics.

  3. Federal character is fraud…..but in this kind of Nigeria setting every regions suppose to have share of the leadership to avoid some region with “numerical strength” to hold on to power…..power should be circulated.

  4. What is the essence of the 6 geopolitical zones if political powers does not revolve around the six zones… Nigerian political class are just playing with over 180 million Nigerians and it shall never be well with them

  5. Our politicians do not care one bit about the unity of this country. They only care about their personal and party interests. The Igbos have been completely sidelined. That they did not vote for the ruling party is never an excuse. Wetin concern me. After all, the politicians are all the same, wether they are hausa, igbo or yoruba.

  6. South east should learn how to play politics ….. When you want to open some peoples eyes , they rain insults in you and later come to play a blame game as usual …

  7. Shithole country. Politics in Nigeria is all about money, nothing more, who gets more of the national cake, that’s all. Until this country is restructured properly, Nigeria will continue to be the headquarters of extremely poor people. Whether power remains in the north for the next 50 years or the west, the citizens will continue to suffer.

  8. To those saying it is unfair for southwest to produce both VP and speaker should go back to 1979 when Ekwueme(Ibo) was VP and Ume-Ezeoke(Ibo) was speaker and nobody cried marginalization

  9. That’s means southwest and South East+South South all are south, never northern Nigeria is diverse and enigma, North Central is different with others like wise north east… Let’s share everything according to political regions

  10. In my view, Fairness, justice, and equity demands that each of the Six (6) geopolitical zone should be used to balance power and prevent marginalisation. if we are promoting one Nigeria we should be sensitive to all the six geopolitical zone.

    Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

  11. That is very good. why Igbo did not vote PMB, this is their reward, they a not politician at all. Man from south will never rule Nigeria again. Nigeria must be united whether you like or not.

  12. Where were you when the voting process was on, you can’t reap where you didn’t know, maybe you should wait for Atiku to come salvage you . After all he promised you heaven and earth. The south south has kept on committing political suicide, out of wrong whims. They lack the wisdom to read the trend of events, they hook unto their long life hatred for other tribes to continue to fail. You should wake up. Why would you want to eat where you didn’t contribute, though its national cake but those who baked it will take the largest chunk.

  13. North is United. While South is Dis United. Hatred and evil thoughts everyday between southern regions…. One Southern region calls another southern region slaves and chameleons just cos they voted for their choice. Same Fulani that the South region has been voting since 1960

  14. Since I was born, the most foolish set of people I have ever seen are those who believed northners are the only one that has capable hand to rule this country. which region or tribe that is without capable hand please tell me?

  15. I wonder how many million votes APC won from South west that they re making ths noise, all the millions votes PDP got was igbos right? We re too empty to remember past events, both those that voted PDP in South west re here calling igbos names, we re not dragging any position with yorubas in Nigeria politics, they should take all and stop crying, it is smaller than the past experience.

  16. When God said you are fearfully and wonderfully made ,he is talking about the igbo, when he said let’s make man in our own image he talking about ibo man,we have it all and our yes is yes and our no is no we are not chameleons tribe,we don’t love what we hate Even if Buhari contest for the 10th time we will still vote against failure and bad luck,And let me say this unless igbo man is included in leading this country like in the 90s b4 the war Nigeria will NOT prosper because they carry the grace, it is natural ..Even if you don’t want ibo what of ss that produces oil,they no be Nigeria? Anyways for me and my brothers what consign us,half of us are doing great abroad and for those in Nigeria buckle ur shoe and face your business God of reaches dwells among us says OONI OF YORUBA …..so Leave the uncircumcised trbe and chameleon tribe to do their best they can never never match us.


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