Nigerian Mother Based in America cries out after killing the Big Snake Her Enemi…


Nigerian Mother Based in America cries out after killing the Big Snake Her Enemies from her village sent to come and kill her Abroad



  1. Village people have suffered… I feel for them right now, Satan is no longer to be blamed, it’s now village people…. Cut grass you no gree, now the snake have seen it’s new home it’s now village people … U must be mad for killing that innocent snake that came looking for shelter 😡

  2. it’s could be neighbour pet that escaped. same thing happened to me recently , I found a snake in my garden I quickly called pet control agents and we later found out it was neighbours pet.

  3. Teacher: Johnny what is the chemical formula for water?

    Johnny: H I J K L M N O

    Teacher: what are you talking about?

    Johnny: Yesterday you said that the chemical formula for water is H (to) O. 😏

  4. Ignorance is a sin. You see a snake and kill it you say its your village people.. Even the way she sounds you’ll k ow she’s a typical local woman trying to form phonetics..
    Always bringing bible verses into everything..

  5. We the Village People Organization of Nigeria (VPON)
    has hereby debunked this woman’s claim. This is not our work, we don’t send snakes on international duty.
    Kindly disregard this information cos its not true.

  6. Stop blaming your village people for your predicament. I thought you lived in abroad and still old mindset hasn’t changed? It could be your next door neighbour pet and you deliberately killed the snake. You should be arrested.

  7. One thing with Nigerians we pretend to know God but quick to point fingers on others, we never believe something will happen cause of our careless. Look at your environment and you are there accusing your villagers for nothing they don’t know.

  8. I thought when you travel abroad, you will abandon your old mentality of others or village ppl doing or picking on you.

    Na wa, what will your village ppl gain from you when you’re living roughly and hardly survive there?.

  9. Something I don’t understand.Big snake from Nigeria sent overseas by the did the snake find direction? By Tom Tom? or Garmin ?Google also involved .Unbelievable aunt that is local snake from where you leave now lucky you killed it next time Stop thinking negative.

  10. Could this be the money swallowing snake??🤔🤔, got visa, travelled abroad to live happily ever after, and madam has intercepted It,forced the snake to vomit that cash, kept the cash and killed the snake??🤔🤔..where’s my whistle sef🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️??

  11. Chaiiii, snake can’t just move around especially in a field like dis?it must b enemy and village pple? spirituality eh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Aunty liv dat mata na snake u kill, villagers no get their own problem? abi na ur cash wen no reach u eat dem won look plz let’s stop getting something out of notin,mosquito enter house na enemy check urself

  13. Abroad where they’re training snakes like no man business woman don’t come back to 9ja without anything we’re not ready to listen to dt cock and booze stories because no prodigal daughter in d bible

  14. U no gree cut grass, snake see comfortable house you dy blame village people. U just succeeded in reminding dem to open ur file giving den ur location.So when dy really start with you, you wee know 4sure ds is der #soft work#meanwhile when is d wake keep of d snake cos am sure dts why u came online to tell us.

  15. Hey the snake escape from a zoo or an experiment not sent from your village or may be you are from Texas cause they have natural disasters recently tho is might escape ….

  16. If u can tell who sent the snake from Africa to abroad, definately u too your way is not pure. It’s people that do evil who their heart is not pure that suspect everyone around them to be winch.

  17. That just the Mentality of Average nigeria Women Every Little thing Is Village Enemy just Thank God for your life and your Son that the Snake did not Bites Any off you


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