Nigerian Lady spreads her Legs wide open as she shows off her talent… Follow u…


Nigerian Lady spreads her Legs wide open as she shows off her talent… Follow us on Instagram @GossipMillNaija



  1. Gossip Mill! This your aba weed is taking its effect seriously.. Are you trying to advertise your page via a talented lady? I’m confused
    She widely opens her leg while you’re asking me to follow you on instagram

  2. Everyone is complaining bitterly about the present Government, well I don’t blame anyone.

    Let’s be very honest to ourselves, Most of us thought that Mohammed Buhari is a quick Messiah to our 16yrs suffering. To me is ‘Yes’, this is because to achieve success in life takes a little long time.

    Nigerians have easily forgotten that during the Administration of PDP, 90% of the whole states where PDP states, so things where moving seems good to us but never knew that the economy was sinking deep down.
    Today it’s APC and it’s just 55% in 36 states While 45% PDP in the 36 states too. Take it or leave it, this 45% PDP states are majorly from the South-East that have always been the minority in the country and still clamouring for Biafra because they have not tasted power for so long now.

    Believe you me, that the present condition of this country is coming from this 45% and this majorly caused by the greedy and wicked politicians over there.
    Go to the 55% states under APC, a litre of Petrol is sold #145 without much queue there.
    But in this 45% PDP states being the Oil producing states, a litre of Petrol is sold there for #230. Is that not the wickedness of the marketers down there, because they are influenced by the Politicians there to make things difficult for their people so that they (Masses) will be faulting the Government on top (APC).

    Until the youth stands up for their rights in that 45% states under PDP, they shall not see freedom from slavery.

    Take it or Leave it. Youths are the Back bone of every Nation. Stop selling your votes to this wicked politicians in this 45% states. It’s time to stand sober and vote in Youths in those states. Godfatherism would lead us no where.

    Thank you and Happy weekend ahead.

  3. Gossip Mill shey sombori cannot open your page and see something decent again abi? I am a Bishop and all you can show me this Saturday morning is a lady spreading her legs wide. Smh 🤦‍♂️, I thought you left all those things in 2017.

  4. I don’t care if she can dance or not, my concern is that the fat girls will start talking trash about her, wishing they’ve got the same type of body. Attitude, girls… attitude!

  5. Nice moves gurl n you look neat👌
    Just work on your tummy abit…that’s all
    P.s make una stop the critics now,if na white gurl shey she for pass😑

    Support her talent jwor😴

  6. She is beautiful, has a lovely skin tone and figure. It’s no crime if she decides to show it off in this manner.
    The fact that some of you can’t do it doesn’t make you saints, especially not when most of you are “Closet Porn Stars”.
    Sending nudes to everything that has p***s on social media, yet you feel you are in the position to call her names. Some are even road side prostitutes, olosho #500.
    Bloody hypocrites👎

  7. Oyah na that’s the first album of the year still expecting another story like the gal that spread her legs while dancing is ………..I don’t know what next it might for good or bad

  8. Hmmm…. If it’s a talent then I thing the federal government should make it a course in our universities>> LEG SPREADOLOGY…Mtcheeew Gossip mill this is 2018 for God sake

  9. Sweetheart Please don’t open those legs again. Although I didn’t watch the Video but my major concern is that why would a black girl wear black pant?😡😠
    It’s making me feel dizzy..💤😼

    She’s sexy doh!😏😏

  10. Its just a CV or call it Resumé. Just as u dey submit ur CV for various companies to hire you. Na so she dey Demo her own CV for music video producers or the other adult content producers to discover her and utilize her talent. Just spoke my mind oo

  11. Look at this one 😂 After going semi nude, you can’t even tweak, be checking her tummy like say she is tweaking the tummy😡 for your mind nah you get brain .. Gerrout, go get a life😡

  12. Some of you can be funny o. What the f*** did I just watch? To me this is rubbish, and you people call it talent, wtf?! Girl abeg, do your parents know say you dey do this kind work ni?

  13. When I saw the video, I decided to read people’s comment to know if it’s worth wasting my data to watch, and after reading so many comments, I can boldly tell Gossip Mill Nigeria that they should try again later, am not watching this one…Thank you everyone for the comments.

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