Nigeria Needs To Remove Subsidy In 2019 By Ettu Mohammed | Sahara Reporters Let…


Nigeria Needs To Remove Subsidy In 2019 By Ettu Mohammed | Sahara Reporters

Letting markets determine the pump price of petrol in Nigeria would push it up to about N248-250 per litre from N145 per litre and it will oscillate with forces of demand and supply, but it will save Nigeria about N1.7 trillion in subsidies in 2019 alone.




  1. This is idiotic. Any argument on subsidy removal is stupid and foolish. Do Nigerians deserve better welfare, fuel at an affordable price. The Minimum wage is far below $100. How can you export crude and no refineries to refine products for local consumption. What is there for Nigerians than suffering. How long does it take to set up new refineries. Only imbeciles will advocate for increase in pump price. There was never subsidy on petroleum.

  2. The worst thing Buhari will do to this country is to remove subsidy because most Nigerians are living in an object poverty and if care is not taken in removing the subsidy,it may pave way to anty government demonstration.

  3. I thought Mr intergrety said he will build refinery to boost fuel supply and cut cost, mark my words Buhari will sell fuel #400 b4 his stolen tenure ends by 2023….. all hail next level… this is just the rehearsal, by the time we get to the main next level 😂

  4. I most time’s laugh at these imbecilic analysis.
    This idea of market forces is no longer sellable,it is stale, Obasanjo said the same and what has changed in-between?
    I am not against the removal of subsidy,but not until when we have a viable mass transportation system.
    build rail and water transportation system where you can and bring on high capacity buses

  5. Someone doesn’t understand the trickle-down effect of allowing market forces to determine the pump price of petrol in Nigeria. The cost of living would skyrocket to a point that Nigerians practically will be “living in hell”. All these economic fundamentals apostles haven’t taught about over 100 million Nigerians living below the $2 mark per day. Why can’t refineries be functional in Nigeria??? Do we need #UFOs to assist us in fixing our refineries?? Average Nigerians would have thought #PMB as the president would end the rot in petroleum industry but it appears things can’t be put in order.

  6. Their advance team have started the sensitization exercise, next fuel scarcity will begin and we will start buying at 500 per litre, then they will announce that officially its now 250 per litre, the sai babarians will start hailing as usual and start telling us that it is better to buy at 250 without queue, therfore we should all be thankful to Sai Baba, and whoever complains is a looter and enemy of Nigeria since sai Baba will not steal the subsidy removed but will instead use it to improve our lives. Then after four months, we will hear that government have been secretly paying subsidy sorry! Underrecovery, then the sai barbarians will come again and tell us “at least baba didn’t steal the money but using it for the masses” ..

  7. So this issue is still on after 7 years? You can see who’s responsible for all this. A proper plan was rejected in 2012. Now you pay 145 per liter and they told you all it was removed.
    So why ‘re you paying the 145 per lifer if there’s still subsidy? Am not understanding you guys at all. And una keep quiet? No occupy Nigeria ?

  8. If the subsidy is removed, The 1.7 trillion will still be looted by the same government .there is no way it will have impact on poor masses believe or not that it won’t change anything .By the way is it the same subsidy Buhari said does exist before now ?

  9. This people forget they have siblings, brothers, sisters in Nigeria too. This people lack common sense. This PMS determine our economy prospect, every dam things will increase automatically once the petrol price goes up.

  10. Before he said there is noting like subsidy. That subsidy is a fraud he now remove the subsidy he claimed was not there at the first place now we buy fuel at 145 naira.

  11. we don enter one chance for this country o! this subsidy of a thing is plan work, buhary knows everything, and he’s in support of it. but he’s acting as it he don’t know

  12. The lecturers have returned again. This has always been the narrative for over 40yrs. And the pump price has been jumping regime after regime. I still remember vividly when Abacha increased to N11/litre and gave Buhari absolute power to invest N1 in infrastructural development. He focused only in the North, claiming that it was their own derivation.
    The worst was the argument that “Subsidy was a scam” by this same pple now on the throne?
    They’re silent when u mention Refineries bcos, more importations give them illegal cash in politicians’ private pockets.
    If only Gowon built these abandoned Refineries, what have many other Presidents after him built? This is the 5th largest OPEC country selling almost all the Crude it produces, and importing all its finished products consumption requirements.
    Instead of setting aside a particular day to flog our past leaders, they are checking facts here to brand it “hate speech”.

  13. Emeka Anyaoku and 3 others built a refinery in Anambra state,Dangote is presently building one in lagos state,so why have d politicians not build enough refineries in nigeria since d return of democracy?

  14. They promised to reduce it to #40/ltr. now #145 and you want it to be #248 – #250. God will judge.
    After all I think they told us it was removed when it was inflated to it’s current price or because we’re in next level era.


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