”Nigeria is becoming a lawless country, a country where there is no consequence…


”Nigeria is becoming a lawless country, a country where there is no consequence for bad behaviour! I am disgusted to find pregnant women with slit stomachs and unborn babies removed. If these Fulani herdsmen are allowed to rampage the way they are, then frankly speaking, they are a terrorist organization” – Ben Murray Bruce Fumes



  1. Fulani herdsmen value cows more than human lives and they have proved it times without number. The “government” is acting like wax has blocked their ears turning a blind eye to this barbaric act.
    God will use everyone sponsoring these people as a sacrificial lamb for this country to move forward. Crazy set of people

  2. Ffs! These people should just keep quiet, didn’t these hersdmen sh*t happen in 2014 when GEJ was in office? Never heard any of them protest this way.

    Why must we let tribalism be our motive every time in this country? 😑 😎

  3. Common will you keep kwat
    Nigeria is becoming lawless and what have you been doing about it
    How many people have you helped?
    See his head like what I can use to purchase tubass of yam

  4. So after all this noise what will a common Nigeria we do and you are one of the senator in Nigeria,
    How much are you been paid per month ?This man makes a lot of noise and he is still part of the law making in Nigeria .
    Shame on you Big fool Ben you call yourself
    Only in social network you express the yourself .
    You are not helping out in anyway
    What step have you talking just come here making noise🤔☹️

  5. If i am creating a social network, i’ll name it ”FINGER”
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  6. Instead of all these Aboki Okada riders to tell you they don’t know the place you are going to, they will just call price for you. So I decided to teach one of them a lesson today.
    ME: Bike! Bike!!
    ABOKI: Oga where I dey go?
    ME: Australia, How much?
    ABOKI: Kai! Oga how much I gwo pay?
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    Aboki: ₦300 oga!
    ME: Ha? Australia no far na, no be ₦100?
    Aboki: I know the place oga, pay ₦200 gaskia!
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    Since 2 hours on bike, we are still on our way you Australia…..Aboki don drive round the whole of onistha hand I’m enjoying the ride.
    ABOKI: Oga, I neva reach?
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  7. The sex doll trending now just for 800k

    But the problem now is..Some careless guys will release inside the doll forget to clean it up later go for it again for sex and contact gonorrhea.. They will be like how come i contacted infection, is this doll cheating on me?

  8. And you still see ndi iberibe commending buhari lead administration 😬😬 we are still struggling to free ourselves from the colonial master and buhari wee buru fulani cow colony come. To be colonized again by cows? The thunder ⚡ that will fire those supporting this nonsense grazing bill is coming down from mountain ⛰ everest.

  9. I belong to comment readers association of nigeria (craon)our duty is to read,hit like,smile and pass. we no dey find trouble oo. Lol.. And pls try and be vry brief with ur comments so we can move quickly to the next comments thank u, also if you are a member of this association, #hitlikeandpass # no find trouble oo.

  10. Where is that bleaching gay lizard that likes attacking issues on Igbo’s and ipob???
    I have been waiting for his comment of condemnation about this Fulani’s killings, but have seen none,, only busy attacking issues on Igbo’s..
    May thunder strike that your mouth you will use to mention Igbo’s again.

  11. I hate it when our lawmakers talk as if they’re not part of this government, in an attempt to exempt themselves from the blame of the collective crises that’s bedeviled us as a nation.
    As a Senator or Senators, how many bills have you passed since 2015 to end this farmer – herdsmen clashes? To the best of my knowledge, there’s a grazing bill lying with you guys there in the Senate and house of reps since 2016 that hasn’t seen the light of the day. It doesnt matter how much and how long we lament about the problem, but the practical solutions we put on the table to put a permanent end to the menace. Blaming someone for it doesn’t make the problems go away either.

  12. Na to declare them terrorist be the issue. Bush Fulani Man that sleep in the forest and mingle with different types of creatures doz not know what Terrorist mean. They should just be wiped out, that’s all…

    Some politicians are not talking about this, bkos most of them own doz cows 🐄 and they all gave it to doz bush fulani herdsmen to rear for them. It was tru der influence they started holding guns 🔫 in the name of protecting Cows.

    Weda terrorist or not, dey should be wiped out. Simple…

  13. Common sense is making sense but his country is lacking sense, nobody can make any sense dat can be seen as sense because u re in d country for d non sense rulers ruling people of common sense.

  14. See y Igbo’s are clamoring for Biafra
    How can u stay in one nation with dis beasts and dia god buhari refuse to say anything
    May God continue to bless d biafran nation

  15. Actually I didn’t read d post becos am on free mode. But I think the wife should not abort the baby even if the husband is not in support, and for the landlord she should run away with the money .🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Thanks sir, it’s quite unfortunate that a senator whose people are been killed on a daily basis preferred to discuss the issue with individual than table it before the whole house, anyway, he may have been warned against doing so. My brother Bruce, go home, synthesize your people, get them prepared so that these idiots will not caught us unaware.

  17. Dear Ghanians, you know we Nigerians have been so good to you since the days of Abacha, and you have never done anything in return . Shebi they said one good turn deserves another ni, we are not asking for much, just a token of human exchange . Give us your president and we will give you ours including 30 members of the Senate as extra .

  18. it is regrettably sad how some folks derive so much pleasure in posting jokes (copy & paste) under a very salient and pressing issue that needs to be discussed. even the bible says “there is time for every thing”. this is one of there reasons the govt doesn’t take us (youths) serious. we always tend to trivialize everything and it’s really sad. God bless Nigeria


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