Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology launched a new podcast today to “put science front and center” for all of us, not just science geeks. The first season will explore the science of why animals look the way they do.

For example, ever wonder why dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but all house cats are basically built the same? That’s kind of question the podcast Tiny Expeditions lives for.

Leading the exploration will be HudsonAlpha scientist Dr. Greg Barsh. He’s an expert in the field of animal morphology, which is the science that considers these questions. Barsh has advised such publications as National Geographic and when animals such as a rare pink dolphin or polka dotted zebra were discovered.

The podcast’s first episode is titled “What do wolves owe dogs?” But questions about why animals look the way they do don’t just apply to zebras and dolphins. Ever wonder why our human race is as diverse as it is? Tiny Expeditions will take on questions like that one, too.

Check out episode 1: What do wolves owe dogs?



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