MPs applaud, as Labour’s Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi tells UK PM Boris Johnson to apo…


MPs applaud, as Labour’s Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi tells UK PM Boris Johnson to apologise for “derogatory and racist remarks” comparing women who wear burkas to “bank robbers and letterboxes”.

(via BBC Politics)



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  2. Oh Shut up about Islamophobia! He does not need to apologise! It is in no way racist to take the mick out of a pre-historic dress code that is completely irrelevant to this country’s heritage and tradition. The burqa should be banned, and if not banned it certainly should not be immune to derogatory comments by anyone who feels the need. Stop telling people they have to accept this in their communities.

  3. This is crazy. BoJo was completely right! This is a pathetic attempt to draw a veil (pardon the pun) over far more important issues than women not getting enough vitamin D because of outdated cultural beliefs!

  4. Got nothing to do with what you wear on your head !! It’s the covering of faces that’s the problem and that is what Boris was talking about !! Stop pulling the race card again……🙄

  5. Dear Lord, people bring up past remarks as though someone has slit their throats. Its past, leave it and get on with living in the future. Its gettng more and more Orwellian when the Speech Police find you and accuse you of racism, ageism, rudery and being personal.

  6. Boris was asked to apologize and obviously has never apologized for anything.
    He smirked as he demanded an apology while using a whataboutism, indicating his childish thought processes.
    Boris Johnson is a creepy bully, just like Donald. I pity the people he employs.


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