By Debbie Voiles

I know very few runners not focused on getting better, improving their running performance, scoring PR’s, but sometimes there are ways to improve, even quite basic ways, that never become common knowledge to non-elite runners, certainly not common knowledge to people who aren’t working with a coach.

One of the most basic concepts is periodization, which means, in case you didn’t listen to Episode 134, the period of training, usually several months, leading up to your goal race, and that period of time is broken into three segments or microcycles. In this episode I explain what those three segments should look like and why.

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About Debbie Voiles

Debbie is a running coach who loves to work with all levels of runners from beginner runners working up to their first mile to first-time marathoners. Running form, motivation, race strategy, speed work, and cross training will all help you achieve your goals. Chat with Debbie on Google+ | LinkedIn | Facebook



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