Martin Luther King “would be proud of” Donald Trump, says former White House chi…


Martin Luther King “would be proud of” Donald Trump, says former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

(via BBC Newsnight)



  1. He’s been President for a year, unemployment has been going down since Obama was President. But once again Trump takes credit for something he has no right too.

  2. Are you kidding me! What a laugh!!!!! Does he also take credit for the sun rising????🤣😂🤣😂 Donald has not been in office long enough to have that much affect on anything. These gains have been coming for years with the improved economy that Obama made happen. Donald can continue the gains or screw it up. Pretty sure some of his policies are already slowing down the job growth. I guess we’ll see. People seem to forget how bad the economy was when Obama came into office. Took a while but he straightened it out. We might have to do it again after Trump leaves office!

  3. Most of what happens in the economy happens due to interest rates set by central banks. Politicians who claim credit for good economic conditions are feeding you BS.

  4. How is this news? Why are y’all continuing to hold a megaphone up to this liar’s mouth? I mean, I know it’s not like he’ll just go away if we ignore him, but do you really have to help him spread his hateful lies?

  5. This is precisely why those living members of the King family who work hard to continue the legacy back DT…. Wait… That’s not true. This is a gross example of hyperbole by a gross individual.

  6. Donald Trump and the country are benefiting from the long, steady, consistent economic improvement that began in 2009 after President Obama took office. When you look at the charts, if Trump had any affect on this, the improvement should have increased more or quickened but it hasn’t at all. In fact, some economic indicators have flat-lined or gone down for the first time in years. During the campaign, every single major economist warned us about Trump and his policies, including the Republican ones. Who will he and his supporters blame when the economy starts dropping, because it will?

  7. Thanks Obama for doing this and sorry Trump is riding the wave of successes you had. Don’t worry as Trump’s economy will catch up and not going to be good for the working class of this nation.

  8. He cannot give credit to a downward trend that was already happening – and people will believe what he says without ever checking the facts for themselves…smdh

  9. Anyone with values and ethics and the ability to think rationally can judge this administration accurately. There is nothing to be proud of. I doubt whether the US will ever live it down.

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