Man Who Trekked From Yola To Abuja For Buhari Still Suffering From Leg Injury Th…


Man Who Trekked From Yola To Abuja For Buhari Still Suffering From Leg Injury Three Years After

As he set out to embark on the trek in 2015, Duduwale had described Buhari as his “political role model”.




  1. Lols while Yusuf was flown to Germany because of his accident and his daughter is in the board of nnpc receiving more than 5 million a month and the others will be shouting Sai baba after receiving 30k from n-power

  2. While Yusuf was flown to abroad ,pa is also in London for medical tourisms and you are there in face Me and face you hospital ,bro I wont even pray for you. You deserve it .go and enjoy ur fame in pain .sae barbarian

  3. He trekked for Buhari while Buhari son Yusuf was grooving with N35m power bike before he crashed & then flown to Germany while he is in his village dieing of arthritis & rheumatism. Stupidity is a disease

  4. Sahara layers, go back to your record and find out if u really keep it, that man your talking about (Duduwalle) trekked for Atiku, but not Buhari, if you can recall he was wearing faro water’s shirt, and he was received by Atiku in Abuja.

  5. Those northerners supporting buhari are youth who don’t know what is life and are dependent at home…. Buhari is a total failure,i regret supporting him 2015 ,we northerners we now see his change agenda,which are hunger, herdship,herdsmen,killing and kidnapping ,poverty and extreme fuel scarcity……don’t argue with me coz I’m from zamfara state.

  6. Bros defect to another party nah, na then u see say EFCC,ICPC,DSS,Dstv etc go join hand ask u for the recharge card wey people dash u then. Them go come baptize u as “looter” then u go turn to “wailler” acording to ur fellow “saints”.

  7. all his kinsmen should do is to empower him with wheelchair and rubber plate and give him connection to be begging at National assembly gate, it’s still part of their culture new Destiny loaded

  8. His problems actually started from his head, long before 2015,… It eventually moved to his leg after 2015… Folly is the result of a thoughtless action, resulting into tragic consequences.

    If our systems were working properly, he should have reported himself into a mental hospital, free of charge!

    I can now understand the meaning of lazy youths.


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