Life on board the Aquarius migrant rescue ship.


Life on board the Aquarius migrant rescue ship.



  1. Send them that turn the ship around… then you won’t have to listen to the screaming and shouting and the way they have their mobile phones to the relatives waiting on land for them…!!??

  2. Wouldn’t it have been quicker to take them back to the African Coast? …. actions like this only motivates other to try the dangerous trip. If they think they will be taken back, they may be put off from trying.

  3. Which ever way you look at this, these Charities, are people smugglers! These people have no right to invade another Country! Economic immigrants are not welcome! Genuine immigrants always welcome in UK!

  4. What comments so far. I had hoped for someone more to say something nice basing a comment on a human being. I agree there are problems of many origins it’s a multifaceted crisis and it needs to be addressed from a variety of angles. And pretty presto please. There was a baby born. He doesn’t have anything to do with the world we live in right now. Do we judge him based on his mother’s origin, the colour of his skin, where he was born? Do we judge his life at all? Much food for thought. I have no answer to all of the above but I wish him well.

  5. They must be returned to Lybia, the only people who benefit are the people smugglers they have paid over 5k to be smuggled. By continuously taking them in just encourages more and more to drown! Countries don’t have the infrastructure or the money to keep them. Give them aid in their own countries and put an end to this madness. Return them & stop aiding an abetting smugglers and deaths!

  6. This is not a migrant rescue boat it’s a people smuggling boat with the words rescue boat on the side. They are just 3 miles from their departure point when picked up and these “rescuers” are trafficing them the rest of the way. Drop them off at the nearest port… the one they departed from.

  7. I hope the baby & mother do well.. & those adorable unaccompanied children are shown love & care.. I hope those teenagers are given guidance & support.. people who say this is their country never seem to be able to produce a receipt.. really.. you bought it? Let the empathic people do their work.. their hearts are bigger..

  8. Do any of those commentators ever think how many became refugees because their government decided on regime change?They covet the oil then they arm the opposition and when it goes south,they leave.The refuges are collateral damage


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