Leicester leave Stamford Bridge with a point, despite going down to 10 men


Leicester leave Stamford Bridge with a point, despite going down to 10 men



  1. Let’s give it up to the Kings of draws

    See below👇👇👇
    Norwich 0 vs Chelsea 0
    Arsenal 2 vs chelsea 2
    Chelsea 0 vs Arsenal 0
    Chelsea 0 vs Leicester 0

    Chelsea drawing me closer to God 🙏

  2. This team is pathetic in many ways. Morata is keeping ball for hours, Hazard is no longer willing to play for Chelsea, Febrigas better player on the pitch. No energy, no passing accuracy, no effective communication. “Even” Barcelona can now beat this Chelsea.

  3. Take that in your mouth ya rentboys…!!! Lord Floprata and Lord Flopayoko…!!!😝😜 And, how on earth did I forget to mention Hazard was poorer than a begger today…!!!😂😂

  4. 2 Dropped points for leicester and i know what i’m saying , before we go down to 10 , the possesion was 63 for us while 37 only for blues we had 12 shots on the 1st half , chelsea had only 4 anyway a point isn’t that bad and goodluck for chelsea in the rest of the league ..

  5. Such a shame that we play 3-5-2, and when Hazard comes off the pitch, Conte switches to 3-4-3… Morata is good, but only with his head, and that is far from enough for PL. Bakayoko… omg… I saw so much potential in him, but a sad realization, he’s not PL level. Hope we’ll be back on winnig ways soon! 💙 #comeonchelsea

  6. If you wanna compare anybody in the Premier league to Hazard then first let them win 2 premier league titles, Pfa player of the year award and be in the UEFA team of the year, Until they win that maybe you can compare them to Hazards left leg.

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