Kenyan Lady Beaten By Nigerians After she was caught Red Handed stealing for the…


Kenyan Lady Beaten By Nigerians After she was caught Red Handed stealing for them



  1. The man is said to be the crown of a woman.

    For every lady looking for a life partner may you not wear a misfit crown. And for every man searching for a queen to wear your crown may you not marry another man’s wife.

  2. This one is not Kenyan that figure is not ours please this one is your own please she’s even wearing fake Gucci I don’t die😂😂😂😂 but honestly you didn’t have to strip her and beat her like a dog that’s wrong

  3. So they want to kill her because she stole,why not call the police ,that was too brutal ,she’s only but a woman and no one knows her reasons for such act,stealing is not justifiable but they went extreme

  4. This man is so stupid to beat a woman this way,he just acted like an over grown baby.No matter what her crime was,using such stick on her is totally uncall for.When dey send u back to your miserable NIGERIA then u gonna be catching witches and wizard…this is part of Domestic violence and i say no to such inhuman act

  5. Welcome to nigeria were they real thieves are been celebrated on daily basis and then when a hungry person tries to survive gets lynched and mobed thats why nigeria can never gi forward we are our own problem attack me all you wants no hard feeling just my opinion

  6. You don’t need to beat her na, hand her over to the police. the beaten has been done already..Meanwhile. Dating a Kenyan girl who is not Educated is Ok until you text her “Good night babe and sweet dreams” Then she replies with “Thanks my love and may your soul rest in peace” My Brother you will not find even the tiniest of sleep that night at all.

  7. Fucking man….how much did she still that u want to kill her….if u call her thief go to a foreign country and stay 2 weeks without a job let’s see if u will be any better idiot.dnt treat her like shit she’s a foreigner and it’s not easy to survive in a foreign country….help her don’t condemn….

  8. This is too much naaaa…No justification for stealing, she’s a woman for God’s sake…haba, even heard someone saying don’t steal from Nigerians we are very good….lmao 😂😂😂 GOOD?

  9. This is shit mehn, somebody is there shouting yellow it’s ok, but can’t hold d yellow old man. Having caught the lady, why not collect the money and hand her over to police. Some shits are too foolish to be done.

  10. That Kenya lady should go and browse about Nigeria everywhere we go.. We de display our talent ooo either positive or negative.. Next time when you see a Nigerian run I repeat Run…

    Meanwhile sister come and take your national award

  11. This gossip Nigeria mill, who ever controlling this blog is a big fool, why must u post such video,.. u seems not to know the kind of message you trying to pass right now??? Enemity between two African countries…… Were have you kept your brain in heaven sake…

  12. This is so sad and brutal…. This is why Nigeria remains backwards cause my people don’t apply wisdom in anything they do… See how he’s beating her with all his energy with wood sef? Why not hand her to the authority?? Mtcheeeewww I hope he gets beaten worse than that someday… Animal

  13. Are you guys so stupid?? Do you have to take things into your own hands even if she is a thief? Let the one who hasn’t sin before cast the first stone…mulafuckers…how dare you.are u God? Nonsense.what if she had died in the process? Empthy barrels!!and the guy in the blue dressing is wicked…his red face like palm oil.stupid man

  14. Am so bittered watching this and i totally condemn this hopeless act from those nigerians. Omg cant we be civilized for once? She stole money and was caught, they should thank their God their money was recovered, what if she wasnt caught. Its shameful that people where there and could intervene. People should stop being quick to condemn because no one knows the situation of the victim, and for that hopeless fool hitting that lady with a stick, may he find his match and i hope he’s dealt with sooner. Such a shame the foolish pervet recording this video is stupidly saying “remove your cloth” for Gods sakes how does that help, this is what causes discord between individuals, i pray most of us get wisdom someday.

  15. This is the cctv where she stole money from the restaurant… she’s a runs girl in Malaysia… a guy take her to the restaurant, she pretended she wanna use the toilet later sneak herself where they kept money… she was caught on the cctv , they ask her to provide the money she denied that’s when they start beating her … they don’t want to handover her to the police because she’s not having visa … or else she will be in deportation camp … u need to know the story before u judge …

  16. We shall start burning Nigerians alive especially those who do fraud in Uganda. No mercy . How can you do this to a woman whose our neighbour….just watch.✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔

  17. What she did was very bad, and maybe desperation to pay her madam makes her to steal. But she don’t deserve this kind of beating from all this grown men. Take your money and warn her not to try it again than disgraced her this way, you guys also have sisters and I believe you will not treat your sisters this way or seeing another man treating your sister like this.

  18. dis girl shud av done more research ooo…nowadays its safe to steal in Ghana dan Nigeria cos of Buhari’s administration. Man is always hot in nigeria😄😄😄😂😂
    next tym dont stil from d #zoo🙉

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