Keep your eye on the prize! Indonesians take part in a greasy pole climbing c…


Keep your eye on the prize! 🎁

Indonesians take part in a greasy pole climbing contest during celebrations for the country’s independence day.



  1. My husband (American) participated on that game several years ago. They put him on the bottom. I had to take him to massage place after that lol. I wish I could share the picture. What a beautiful memory. It makes me miss home

  2. It’s SAD STORY Behind this game,,
    Pinang climbing is a Race that has existed since the colonial Era,This Race formerly known as “DE KLIMMAST” (climbing pole),
    During the time areca climbing was held 31 August to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch queen Wilhelmina,
    Not only that,the Dutch community held this competition when they had important even such wedding, celebration & others
    In The pas colonizers installed areca nut trunks that had been oiled /oiled in a field,The difference at the time the prizes up for grabs where Staples such a Rice, bread,sugar,sugar,flour& clothing(the good,are luxury for The people of Indonesia who’s at the time,live in need)
    While Indonesian struggled to climb,&Win prizes
    The Dutch Only watched from Below,They regards this as a Joke & laugh when someone Falls

  3. I grew up in SE Asia. I still have many fond memories. Especially if the Phillipine Islands. Paradise. And Bagio was a real treat as we!l. We would spend summers there. Very nice and cool.

  4. This is so sad… those people don’t look like they’re are enjoying any bit of this… they seem to be desperate to get a gift as though their survival depends on it. So sad

  5. FYI it’s not easy climbing greasy pole. It takes hours or even the whole day to get to the top but people are happy. It’s not about prizes but fun and gathering.


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