Just as she posted on Facebook: “Living life to the fullest,” the deadly attack …


Just as she posted on Facebook: “Living life to the fullest,” the deadly attack began at the Las Vegas country music festival.




  1. Unfortunately the NRA owns the government here, nothing will change. Outdated laws that need to be updated still used as an excuse for the gun toting population to have their way. A sad situation.

  2. That’s love. A brother hears his sister in trouble and he drops his world and flies to her … unknowing anything other than she needed his help. That is LOVE. Pure love, selfless love, capital L love.

  3. There is nothing funnier then when people who don’t understand religion try to bash it. Not one person I know who believes thinks that prayers or their faith will “fix” everything nor keep bad things from happening.

  4. This incident is not an argument for divine intervention. There were no miracles, only the raw data of another massacre that is anything but miraculous. Cloaking it in patriotism at the actions of first responders or the escapes of victims only hides the problem. You are living in a society that prioritises the rights of gun owners over the safety of its citizens.

  5. Wake up America, express your Freedom and tighten up on gun laws. The very freedom you so vehemently protect is allowing anyone to buy guns and kill anyone of you. Don’t wait for the next massacre, which is sure to be bigger than the last. Take control and stop Pissing in the wind!

  6. Heart broken to see who lost their life but it’s funny that the people who don’t even believe in God are the first one to blame God when something goes wrong in their life. Can you not see it’s the results of what human being have done to their own life?

  7. it warms my heart to see the positive and thankfulness of people who survived, such courage in such a sad time, for the life of me I will never understand what good it does to take innocent life’s, for any reason yes your name might get mentioned a couple of times in the head lines and hated when mentioned, but the peoples who’s life’s are taking will have their names remembered with love and that’s the only people we should remember, I believe it’s time the news papers stopped identifying the murdering scum and groups and have memorial pages for each and every victim…..

  8. New era we are living in. Everything that used to be abnormal is now considered as normal. The West need to take example from Saudi Arabia’s laws. !!! It breaks my heart for those innocent people. May they RIP n as for the guy who has nt been called a terrorist gets put behind bars and throw away the keys.

  9. Wake up people…when you realise it’s nobody’s fault but the elite and top 2% playing you manipulating you for what ever agenda they want to force through…it was all staged to push agendas being liberals against honest law abiding gun carrying country living people.. with elitist investing in companys that supply security airport type scanners which will now be installed in every Vegas building…so it’s a win win for them.


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