Jeewan hadn’t seen his parents for 12 years. He trekked for days to see them aga…


Jeewan hadn’t seen his parents for 12 years. He trekked for days to see them again, but meeting his mum didn’t go as he expected. (Via BBC World Service)



  1. There is a school called Pestalozzi in Sedlescombe, East Sussex where Tibetan children are educated from 4 years of age to uni, they are then supposed to go back to their village to help their families. I knew several of these students who were scared about going back as it was the unknown to them!

  2. Sending away your child was indeed a sacrifice. In happy he returned and wanted to help his parents. The sacrifice will benefit the village even as he rebonds with his parents.

  3. Both the boy 👦 and his family 👪 sacrificed their valuable time together for past twelve years !and I wish them live rest of their life with happiness and prosperity!

  4. What a lovely boy & his family , working hard to get him educated, I hope he can help them & improve their lives too. God bless you young sir, you have a good heart.

  5. These children cannot go back to be with their parents. Everything they have learned sets them apart. It’s true that the other students are now their family members and hopefully they will band together for a while after their education at the school is finished. Perhaps they can find work and study and find ways to improve sanitation and health care in the villages that they come from funded by donations. Does the school help them make plans for their future I wonder?


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