It’s Only In Nigeria People Wear ‘Aso Ebi’ To Court Premises, Says Falana | Saha…


It’s Only In Nigeria People Wear ‘Aso Ebi’ To Court Premises, Says Falana | Sahara Reporters

There is nothing more contemptuous because you are challenging the state for charging you to court. Here, out of the money you have stolen, you get a bad lawyer who will adopt all manner of delay tactics




  1. Na confused lawyer.

    Falana is now Government advocate. Lust for money and position has overwhelmed his sense of reasoning.

    When again shall Nigeria have the like of late Chief Gani (SAN)?

  2. Very sad, but true.. Nigeria judicial system is the worse I have ever heard of.. The lawyers, judges and the masses level of hypocrisy oozes to the heavens.. The system is completely bad.. Femi Falana is the only one or one the few that want the judiciary reformed due to the high rate of corruption in that arm of government..

  3. Executive is embezzling money and trying to checkmate the legislature and Judiciary? It can’t work because everyone will put integrity aside and amass money for his or her posterity since politicians have abandoned governance and focusing on using every cut throat measure available to rig themselves into political positions. I have always maintained that if you touch a person it will cause chain reaction that will link to many even to you that’s fighting the corruption. Bubu just used populism and demagogy to deceive the North and majority of the West.

  4. Suits that u wear is it not aso ebi for westerners? Do u ever seeing them wear our Nija cloths before? U didn’t get what u are saying right, proud of ur own oga @#OldSan

  5. He meant those allegedly celebrate/condone criminality in the name of: Is our son; he is not the only person; other sections of Nigeria has gotten their share so why us; etc.

  6. Yes there is nothing wrong wearing Aso Ebi to court, even the judges and the lawyers Wig supposed to be black hair colour not white hair colour. This is how Nigeria lost is glory. When we don’t appreciate our culture

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  8. Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.
    Luke 11:52 KJV
    . this is the master saying something.

  9. It’s either some people here are daft or just plainly stupid. The lawyer was condemning people wearing aso ebi to support corrupt politicians in courts. But here the lazy youths of Nigeria, thinking Falana is against aso ebi

  10. Only in Nigeria : Pastors will dictate how you will dress to church. Police will dictate the type of haircut you should have. Traders will disgrace women that wear mini to the market. And now lawyers want to dictate what you should wear to court. It is high time they should start teaching “Mind Your Business” as a course in Nigeria schools.


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