‘It feels like we’re stuck in 2017.’ The parents of Saffie Roussos – the younge…


‘It feels like we’re stuck in 2017.’

The parents of Saffie Roussos – the youngest victim of the Manchester Arena attack – talk about their struggle two years on.




  1. Such an awful awful thing, poor little Saffie Rest In Peace x Mum and Dad so strong for talking about it and doing positive things in her memory, she would be very proud of them x x

  2. How strong are this couple and I moan about my life how selfish am I. So when I do I will think of Steffie and her wonderful family. Yes I have had a sadness lately but nothing like theirs.

  3. This was a very sad outcome to what should have been a brilliant night out for Saffie and her Mum ,my heart goes out to her Mum & Dad,stay strong.💕💐💕

  4. Where is help from government? Why they just ignore things which happened of their fault! Can’t even imagine how brave and strong they are🙏 God bless this family❤️Hope one day you will feel better and keep going on your recovery, all the best for you!

  5. So so so sad. Can’t imagine what you must have gone through and be going through. You are being amazingly strong and have come so far. Good luck on Sunday and after to you and your husband and son.

  6. Wishing you Good Luck on Sunday!🍀Hoping you continue with your recovery, what you are doing is Amazing! God Bless you and your lovely family, your beautiful little angel will never ever be forgotten xx💔❤️😢


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