Introducing your Barclays Football Manager of the Season – Pep Guardiola 🥇


Introducing your Barclays Football Manager of the Season – Pep Guardiola 🥇



  1. Manchester City in last 2 Premier League seasons:

    Games: 76
    Wins: 64
    Draws: 6
    Losses: 6
    Points: 198
    Win %: 84
    Goals Scored: 201
    Goals Conceded: 50
    Goal Difference: 149
    Clean Sheets: 36

    198 points mind blowing, never happend in the Premier League and will not happen again

    Trophies: 🏆🏆 #Back2Back

  2. Well done m8 a truely remarkable achievement. All this on a shoe string budget as well with as little as a billion to spend. 😎👏👏👏

  3. I think that a both klopp and pep done amazing season with make competitions in top
    But the difference was the match between them and that what let city had title and that why pep best manager.

  4. klopp hasn’t won anything (yet) so please tell me how he can be manager of the year, every team cost money and every club if they had the money would buy the best so that comment is boring pep truly deserves this award

  5. I’m not a City fan but Pep Guardiola,
    congratulations, is all I want to say!
    No question about great managers who could deserve are still there, yet it’s not easy winning title in the toughest league in Europe, no matter how many quality players you got in your squad.

  6. Klopp did the best! CL final and lost one game!? Sure didn’t win the league but Roy Hodgson won it with Fulham cause he got to the Europa League final lol

  7. Sam Incze so Pep gets Man City to 100 point season last year to a 98 point season this year, both champions league seasons are a bust, Klopp on the other hand takes Liverpool from 75 points last season to 97 points this season and 2 champions league finals in a row, sorry Klopp deserves this award just based on their premier league improvement

  8. Most expensive goalkeeper – Alisson
    Most expensive defender – Van Dijk

    Liverpool spent twice more than Man City in the last two seasons. Thrice more than Man Utd in last season.


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