“I’m upset. I can’t be angry” – June Kenton reacts to news that the Queen’s bra …


“I’m upset. I can’t be angry” – June Kenton reacts to news that the Queen’s bra fitter Rigby & Peller has lost its royal warrant after she released a book called ‘Storm in a D-Cup’.



  1. Breaking the rule of confidentiality , specially about undergarments , regardless of whether you were descriptive or not, is what got you fired. The fact you are now bringing more attention to it proves you can’t be trusted to keep your mouth shut.

  2. I have no involvement with the Royal Family let alone have a very personal involvement like this company had, yet I know there are going to be consequences for divulging any personal or confidential information. It’s just common sense. She knew that when she wrote it but wanted the money. Now she’s giving interviews, presumably getting more money. And advertising what she said in her book, for more book sales. Just own up to it. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it coming… Lol

  3. Such a hypocrite Mrs Kenton is.. names her Book – Storm in Cup D.. what does it mean? Looks like she has revealed the cup size of the obvious royal in the tittle itself and she she claims never talks abt her customer.. She says she has written the book for her family and she publishes it for public reading.. Absurd!! Freedom of speech taken for granted.. You deserved it !!

  4. Wrote the book for her family yet has it published for the public!!!! I’ve been to the shop with a family member and while I waited outside the changing area I heard the shop girls/women talking about the ladies being fitted so they do gossip

  5. Just like the time I was fired for try to help out ladies in underwear department as a diesel fitter. I used to stand up and whip out a pair of undies and yell out diesel fit her. Apparently that is frowned upon so I got fired from it lucky I didn’t work there lol

  6. She doesn’t talk about the fitting at all – just a person she met and a place she had been.
    If you go on holiday or you meet someone famous you are allowed to say what it was like and who they were….. what is the world coming too…… it’s simply because her profession was boobs and not her hairdresser people are freaking out.
    Change the story to “when the hairdresser met the queen” and no one would care…..

  7. Never talk about your customers, not even in a roundabout way. She did that by describing being in the Queen’s home and environment and her interaction with her. The Royal Warrant was the farthest extent of their business relationship/endorsement and should not go beyond that in regards to personal matters.

  8. She never talks about her customers. Hmmm
    And yet here she is.
    Writes a book about the Queen’s bra fittings and goes on TV after.
    It’s like adding insult to injury.
    I think the Queen may need somebody smarter to do her bra fittings.

  9. This interview is hilarious 😂 says she doesn’t reveal anything about the Queen, goes on about how she’s written about the Queen and her private apartment 😂😂 I don’t think this lady understands words 😂😂

  10. Her companys worth went from £20000 to 8 million in 20 years because of a royal warrant. She owes the queen everything. She should have kept her A B’s C’s and especially her D’s to herself.


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