“I went to the best college, I was a very excellent student” – President Donald …


“I went to the best college, I was a very excellent student” – President Donald J. Trump says the author of an explosive new book about him is a “fraud”. bbc.in/2EfvRFs



  1. So this book claims that Trump’s suffering from Narcissist personality disorders..
    Trump Response:; I’m a stable genius , I went to the best college , and he even used “very” with excellent etc.
    Lol , the response speaks for itself😀😀
    Trump really needs a help

  2. I was an excellent student, the best student who has ever lived. Those guys, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein: I am wayyyy smarter than they were. He is a disgrace.

  3. Constantly having to remind everyone that you are “the best, the greatest, a genius, went to the best college, was the best student, are the best president” basically gives more weight to the fact that you are none of these. Delusional at best, imbecile by nature and totally incompetent at your job, career, life are what spring to mind.

  4. So, prove it. Release your transcripts. Heaven knows there has been a decade or so of demands for President Obama’s transcripts, and he didn’t brag about his academic accomplishments all the time like this one does. Release the transcripts. Release the tax returns, too.

  5. Is that kind of like, ‘I hire the best people…’ and now all of those people have either been arrested, investigated and or fired/quit. Uh huh. Sure. Funny…
    I don’t recall any president ever having these kinds of problems

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 there are 2 year olds with a better grasp of life and language! Please, please, PLEASE can he be sectioned now? What more proof is needed of his narcissism and serious intellectual disability!

  7. A smart person rarely talks about his intelligence, an honest person never has to say ‘believe me’ and a rich person never has to say how wealthy he is, but a fraud, a fraud generally says all these things.

  8. You can’t use “very” with an extreme adjective so clearly he did not go to a “very excellent” SIGH school. It’s either very good or excellent, you dumb cheeto!

  9. My dad used to say that the easiest way to tell if someone is stupid is to tell them they’re stupid. If they protest, deny, accuse, or otherwise freak out… well, they’ve answered that question for you.

  10. Sorry to burst your snowflakes whines and cries but President Trump has to be brilliant. To be able to win the American Presidency with little money and so called no knowledge about politics.

  11. God. What a joke. What could have possibly caused this nation to elect such a moron to the Presidency. He is a shame, a fraud, and a national embarrassment for Americans everywhere. It’ll be a long time before we are able to mend the ties with other nations that he has so glibly cut.


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