“I don’t see the litter picks as a chore”. Meet Abi. She hates rubbish. ‍️ (vi…


“I don’t see the litter picks as a chore”.

Meet Abi. She hates rubbish. 🚯🙅‍♀️

(via BBC Yorkshire) bbc.in/2Upnioc



  1. Well done. 👏🏻 I pick up litter, bottles, cans etc. when I’m out walking my dog. People just look at me like I’m an alien! Never say good job or offer to help! People take no pride in their neighbourhoods anymore and always assume someone else will do it. Sad.

  2. Well done! ♻️🚯
    There’s a growing number of volunteer litter-pickers around the country. We have the #TelfordStreetChampions
    Most of the litter I collect is single-use plastic, and has been chucked from passing vehicles. Why? #TakeYourMessHome #BinIt #GBSC #LitterBugs

  3. Every day I walk the ten minutes to work and take a bag. I fill it with litter and bin it when I get into the town centre. I get this from my dad. A stickler for time keeping, hates litter.

  4. Thankyou so much everyone, it means the world to hear all this lovely support! This is more than I was expecting to happen when I started this fundraiser!! Honestly getting a bit emotional hearing all this feedback!! Please if you have a spare 20minutes, grabs some gloves and a bin bag and help clean up the streets! Spread the word! Tell your friends, family, people on the street! Just start a conversation and lets take some action!! #trashtagAbi! Please if you can get out, do! And send me a photo, tag my twitter @abibaker14 or tag me on Facebook AbiBaker! I want to see some satisfying transformations!! Please donate if you have any spare, I understand not everyone has that much or already supports charities but anything is appreciated even just happy comments ❤️https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AbiBaker

  5. Amazing! My 6 years old daughter can’t wait to pick the litter. Whenever we go to the park she spots plastic and picks it. I’ll share this video with her. I think we could start doing our litter picking too 😉


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