How would The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tackle homelessness in the UK? …


How would The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tackle homelessness in the UK? (via BBC Politics)



  1. Knowing him, the answer is to give them all a free house, paid for by taxing the rich. Typical populists. The homeless don’t need a house, the causes of their homelessness need to be addressed, and apart from those staying in B&Bs, it’s rarely down to income.

  2. It would be impossible to set the bar on this, without pulling more people in from the level above who think they’d be better off getting something for free. Say there are 100,000 homeless. You’d end up getting a request for a new free home from 10x that number. Where will this million people be housed?

  3. Socialism isn’t about free stuff. It’s about being rewarded appropriately FOR your hard work. Workers should not be living in constant fear of indigency, which is how capitalism blackmails you into maintaining the wealth and prosperity of others.

  4. How dare Corbyn destroy the neoliberal/neoconservative agenda with his granny loving socialism and green fingered horticultural fetish !
    Corbyn , What a B*stard !!!
    How dare he ask that empty houses and homes be used to house the homeless.
    How dare he bring in National energy companies taking the profits from those tax dodging companies who constantly hike prices and putting them back into the economy. Using 60% renewable sources by 2030.
    How dare he protect the NHS from being sold off in pieces giving free healthcare to all when there’s profit to be made for any greedy millionaire who want to profit from our illness.
    How dare he re-nationalise Railways so that the profits stay in this Country rather than going to the Chinese, Indian, Italian , Dutch , French and German companies that get them now.
    How dare he re-nationalise the Royal Mail , the services are so much better now we sold them off cheap to profit driven private enterprise.
    How dare his Labour manifesto contain a pledge to have strict controls over the transparency of offshore tax havens.
    How dare he reverse cuts to Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax and use that money to invest in Public Services.
    Who wants a nuclear free World ? , the World’s much more fun with egocentric megalomaniacs ready to nuke us.
    Who wants free education and investment in the future of our Country’s up and coming entrepreneurs?
    Who the hell wants more trained Police officers ? when we have barely trained profit driven private security.
    How dare he upgrade our British infrastructure and yet again invest in the future of the Country.
    Not to mention increasing and protecting workers rights and therefor wages.
    The man’s a menace to any decent minded profit driven, tax dodging, company or millionaire.
    Don’t say i didn’t warn you !!

  5. Hang on a sec. Give councils powers they already have but don’t use because of the headache. Purchase a load of property- yeah because that won’t bite them when people realise what they are doing and put prices up. Require councils to build more- already happening. Have a help to buy scheme- already in place.

    Jeremy the only thing you would do here is spend a shitload of money and I still don’t think that would solve the problem.

  6. He’s never going to get in, why can’t you hardliners see this? You labour lot need a leader who is more likable by the masses and not just you lot. If he couldn’t beat may who put up her feet and her fingers to the country, then why on earth do you think he’s ever going to be the PM?

  7. New council houses!? ..People like me who pay council tax will have to pay more to cover them. Affordable houses are the best way to solve the problem! Labour party lives in a dream world!

  8. Labour wrecked this country over the years! Put us into untold debts that’s almost impossible to escape! Hopefully they never get back in the driving seat! In fact most homeless people are most likely the after effects of labours policy’s

  9. These ideas seems good. However, they will not work. Homelessness is caused by many factors and not only low income. Doing that you will punish the people who supports the economy. Giving benefits for nothing means creating poverty in long-term.

  10. Strangely building houses is only a part of the answer. The problem is much more complex. People are homeless for lifechoice, or mental health reasons and only a few fit into the bracket “just give me somewhere to live”.

  11. Keeping the homeless housed is much cheaper than leaving them on the street, before you even get to the moral side of it. Rough sleeping costs councils, the NHS and social services MUCH more than the cost of actually addressing the problem directly.

  12. Tory Troll’s desperate to discredit the great man, stop reading the ‘The Daily Fail’ and ‘The Scum’..form your own judgement before believing anything the Right Wing Nazi papers say….
    Honestly all this left wing bashing is very tired, and boring..the Self servatives are that desperate they high jack every social platform….
    2022 Labour Landslide.. good riddance to the nasty party!!

  13. I do wonder how many people slagging him off for his views and ideas actually bother to listen to them first and how many have been primed by shady headlines, innuendo and daily mail “stories” to have a kneejerk reaction.

    Actually i dont, because their opinions dont matter.

  14. Take my house, that I bought and paid for but choose not to live in or rent out….. so he csn give it to someone to trash, not pay council tax, electric, gas, water… the supplies get cut off and bailiffs smash their way in to recoup what’s owed and the expense to reconnect and rectify fall on my shoulders as legal owner…… I think not

  15. All those knocking him, just stop and think about it

    We’ve had right-wing goverment for 40 plus years, have they solve the problems?

    Time for an alternative if for nothing more than to redress the balance and help maintain democracy

  16. The irony is that many right wing voters always complain about foreign aid saying that we should be spending money on our problems at home.

    Here is a man suggesting to spend money at home to fix our issues and yet the right wing media and commentators are against the idea.

    Could it be that the right wing elite are only interested in serving their own agendas and lining their own pockets rather than actually helping the UK grow stronger together?

  17. Answer: With a Tax on anyone who appears to have any sort of disposable income. Conservatives, on the other hand, would put pressure on Corporations, big and small, to provide more decent paying jobs.

  18. Wouldn’t it be a disaster if this guy got elected. I mean we have the most incompetent, dishonest, self serving, nepotistic and abject failure of a government since WW2, but at least they aren’t Jeremy Corbyn eh?


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