Avoid Fake CBD Oil

Based on a number of recent news stories, it is reasonable to conclude the biggest risk to using CBD… is using CBD that is actually fake CBD. In other words, the news we have seen surrounding tainted CBD that has landed some people in the hospitable or worse, almost always involves bogus CBD that, in fact, had no CBD contained in the product but instead had a variety of ingredients, many of them toxic, including synthetic marijuana.

So, what is the best way to avoid tainted, phony CBD? Here are a few critical suggestions:

1) Do NOT but products labeled as CBD from convenience stores or gas stations.

2) Do NOT buy CBD from vape stores unless you have personally verified that the brand is a well-known, established brand.

3) Do NOT vape CBD – Even if the CBD extract you are vaping is authentic CBD there is the additional significant problem of the possible danger from vaping anything.

4) Do NOT buy any brand that does offer convincing evidence that the CBD contained in the brand has been testing by an independent testing lab to show that the CBD contained in the product has been verified as free of toxix substances, is authentic and whose potency has been verified.

5) Do NOT buy unknown brands. This should be easy to verify online on websites such as CBDReVu.com.

6) Do NOT buy any product before carefully reading the ingredients label. If you don’t understand the ingredients or if there are numerous ingredients, do not purchase it.

7) Do NOT buy and CBD product without taking the time to investigate the brand. Do your homework before buying!

8) Do NOT buy CBD from Amazon (Amazon does not allow CBD to be sold so…CBD sold on Amazon is bogus)

Research the CBD brand BEFORE Buying

There are a number of excellent products profiled here on CBDReVu to consider including:

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Charlotte’s Web from the Stanley Brothers

There are more top-notch products available.
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