How Nigeria Police Force Aid Davido’s Recklessness On January 11, 2018 upon arr…


How Nigeria Police Force Aid Davido’s Recklessness

On January 11, 2018 upon arrival from Dubai on an Emirates flight, one of Davido’s goons, Kayode Umarudeen assaulted check-port security at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport arrival for doing their job.
All attempts by Davido to get his “boy” freed was rebuffed, Kayode spent a night in detention and was charged for assault on a federal officer before a Magistrate in Ogba, Ikeja.




  1. Oga police to day shoot gun for big man for naija no be news again the one way them day do follow all this politicians no worse , abeg make una no day waste my data again, if I day vess I day know ooo 😡

  2. His money is getting to his head when u give a child something bigger than him he will be asking if the gift is meant for him alone ;every time his name is metioned when there is problem; he is arrogant; and lacks respect

  3. The video of police shooting is an old video, Sahara needs to do their finding before posting rubbish. Davidos doesn’t need to be the selling point of the news, his aides are adults who should be held accountable for their actions without having to drag davidos name to the mud

  4. I don’t like the way Davido & his crew always show off but on this MM Airport issue. I 100% support them. Airports staff are extremely too rude to passengers especially Nigerians. Upon arrival or even departure they will start asking u money,if u don’t give them they would start telling u to open all ur luggage for search,even after ur luggage is scanned. Tell me,,,can this nonsense happen in any airport overseas?Since when have been traveling,it’s only Doha Airport,Qatar that forced me to open my luggage & they gave reasons because my hair clippers was dark in their scan screen & they persuade me to please do so with huge respect,after they scanned my Clippers separate they still apologized to me in a very good manner but in Nigeria our airport staff behaves like motor park touts if u refuse to give them tip. An Air Force Staff @ MM2 once told me the #1,000 tip I gave her was too small because She saw some Naira cash in my luggage & I asked if it’s against airport rule to carry cash during local flights,she just ignored me and told me to go to hell with my #1,000. At Yola Airport one day,a Military Soldier attached to the Airport once threatened that he will beat me up just because I was correcting airport security guard that it’s very wrong for airport to be searching luggage at main entrance at highway. I said if they want to screen passengers before entering the airport then they need scanning machines at that main gate not stop and search 1 by 1. Naija airport staff are extremely unprofessional.

  5. The fact remains that i like, love & feel for davido and any moron that thinks he/she can pocknose for his matter can go to hell because if you and i are blessed like him, we will behave more arrogant than he do.#freeOBO

  6. You fit try this rubbish for Dubai?? That is the place you see people who has the money in the world but living a low key life, everything about Nigeria is just wrong nothing is working for good.

  7. They won’t dare try that in other civilized country and for those illiterates and curropted fools in uniform, didn’t you know the bullet can hit someone walking on the street minding his business… That’s when we will start hearing stray bullet #Fools

  8. Wouldn’t the recklessness of our policemen be reduced if a process is in place to count numbers of bullets given out to each officers be accounted for, when they come back to base. Those found to have have used bullets in circumstances that could not be justified could then be disciplined.Lives are important to be wasted by accidental discharged.

  9. And the Authorities would count bullets for soldiers at the war front combating Boko haram…here these cows displaying and wasting bullets for no just cause…bcos of Money. when the ordinary Nigeria is in distress..The Nigerian Police will tell us no bullet to combat Armed Robbers…God will judge all of us

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